#BBNAIJA2019: 5 Things You Must Do To Pass The Big Brother Naija Auditions

As we all know, Big Brother Naija 4 is going to be auditioning soon and if this would be your first time going for such an audition we have a few tips that’ll aid you into entering the house thus giving you a higher chance over others.

1. GO EARLY: Its a known fact that after a few hours of interviewing people, the interviewers would get bored and tired and their attention span and ‘Ginger’ would have died down. There’s a higher chance that those they’d choose are those who’d be amongst the first 500 people they’d interview. After that, the interviewers would be tired and their mind would be closed off.

2. BE VERY LIVELY: If you’re an introvert, leave it at home and put on your mask of extrovercy because you can’t go for the audition and be all quiet. The judges want to see people who are lively so that they can toss the lively bunch into the Big Brother House. Nobody wants a shy extrovert in the big brother house.

3. HAVE A SELLING POINT: The judges want characters. Even though they want everyday people, they also want people who have unique selling points, people who would bring something to the table. Find your unique point and sell it to them. If you’re a chef talk about how you love cooking, If you’re a comedian talk about how you can bring humour to the house and if you’re a gym freak talk about how you’d make everyone in the house exercise.

4. BE OPEN MINDED AND RELAXED: An open-minded person is someone who’s ready to do unusual things. If you’re the kind of person who’s overly religious and won’t do some things, then Big Brother isn’t the place for you. They want people who are down for whatever and would do anything to make the house interesting.

5. HAVE A VERY STRONG CONNECTION: They won’t tell you this but 80% of the people who enter the big brother house use connection. They know someone who knows someone and the person lobbied for them. The Big Brother audition is just to save face and out of the 20 housemates that would enter, not more than 8 would be chosen from the audition. There’s a high chance you could be part of the 8 but you must really stand out.

Finally, please dress well and refrain from wearing dead clothes and dead shoes. Good luck, because those who will enter the house already know themselves and Big brother is just using you to waste a bit of time.

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