BBNaija: Angel “No One Is That Important For Me To Not Want To See Again”


Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel, in a fun interview session talks about life before the BBNaija show, why he went down the reality TV path, what he thinks of his fellow ex-housemates, and how life has been since he left the Big Brother house.

Angel who mostly kept to him himself during his stay in the Big Brother house and only had a few friends, gave reasons for his actions during the course of the show.

Talking about music, he says he has been working on some songs which we will be released very soon, one after the other. Although his music might not be for everyone, the melancholic and soul music lovers will no doubt appreciate his amazing talent.

You might want to watch out for Angel…


What was it like in the BBN house?

The Big Brother Naija house was traumatic, it was hectic, it was stressful, it was life-changing and it was fun.

What was life like before the show?

Just the way life is after the show… #laughs. I’m just kidding. Before the show I was a director, I direct movies and when it comes to music videos, I was an assistant director to Aje. So I used to be on set a lot, behind the camera, telling people what to do. So putting me in front of the camera was just like flipping the script on me, I did act once or twice but that was just in productions I was directing. So putting me in front of the camera where people got to see that the angel that is always smiling and is always happy, is a product of the things he interacts with; which is why my behaviour was different in the house.

What led to going down the BBN path and why do you think you were picked?

I didn’t plan to go to BB Naija because something bad happened to me during the auditions so some of my friends sent me the link to try it out because, during the last big brother show, I lost my mom prior to the beginning of the show. So they showed me ‘Big brother’ to cheer me up because something bad was happening to me again this year just as the auditions started so I decided to try to see if I could win some money. Getting into the big brother house was good; they picked me because they knew I was going to annoy everybody in the house.

How would you describe your relationship with Ahneeka?

Ahneeka and I are friends. I am not sexually attracted to her I wasn’t sexually attracted to anyone in the house which was deliberate because of my reclusive nature. I tend to have few friends and when I make friends my loyalty has no end. Ahneeka was someone I could connect with and it helped that she was a fine girl, so that’s pretty much it. I like being around her, we still spend a lot of time together.

At some point you said Ahneeka was one of the things that kept you going in the house, tell us about that. Was she like a muse or something?

I said my guitar and Ahneeka, and big brother for some unknown reason took my guitar so, what was I left with? She was my anchor she kept me sane in that place. She understood what I was going through and she knew I needed her and she didn’t take advantage of that, so it’s good.

Who and what do you miss most in the house?

I miss the Pay Porte games, I was the undisputed champion.

How did you feel about not being one of the housemates voted back into the house?

I really did not want to go back into the house, although the prospects would have been nice, there are some things I am working on that going back into the house would have delayed. Also, going back into the house without winning will just further delay your life and also reduce the lifespan of your buzz. As nice as going back would have been, Big Brother has already done what it was supposed to do for me and I’m fine with not going back to the house.

If you are about to smash a girl and she tells you she’s a guy, how would you react to it?

She does not have to confess that she is a guy. I would know when I’m surveying the land #laughs. I will just fake a phone call and discharge her.

If you were to wake up in another celebrity’s body, who would it be and why?

When I hear this question, only one name comes to mind and it is Bill Gates. What would I do? I would go his computer and study his thought process. I have always admired his process and I have been following him since I was a kid. I like the way he thinks and most importantly I like what he does.

If you could, who would you rather not see again?

Nobody is that important for me to not want to see them. They are all my friends. If you watched the show I really didn’t have problems with anybody, I mean a couple of people had problems with me, but I didn’t have a problem with anyone. What are they doing? What am I doing? We are not even in the same career.

You are one of the few that vibed well with Teddy A, why was that and why do you think others didn’t relate well to him?

First and foremost I am older than him, we are both musicians, we are both creative and we like each other so, what’s he bossing me for? That can’t happen. When people say Teddy A is cocky I disagree, he is a confident person and there is nothing wrong with being confident and if your confidence comes off as being arrogant to some, I’m sorry. We related very well and he was one of my closest male friends. He and Ahneeka were my closest friends. We related on the same level and when I talk about certain things it didn’t overwhelm them, they could assimilate and process what I was saying, and I appreciate that in people.

How is life like now, what did you use to do that you can’t do anymore?

Life has been overwhelming, you go anywhere and everybody seems to know who you are so, my regular “hi, I’m angel” line doesn’t work anymore. It’s been amazing because of the opportunities and it’s really helping my career and I am moving to next level. I am working on a couple of projects and it’s been fun. Big brother has been like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I feel blessed being a part of it. Mishai the (aboki that makes indomie and egg) I don’t do that anymore, lots of things I wish to do I can’t do and moreover, I am always busy, I barely have time”

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