BBNAIJA: An Open Letter to my dear Princess Marvis

It would be such a shame to not do this after completing Pusha-T bars and retweeting each others “deep tweets” on Twitter.
Haters will say “This one wants to famz 1 day to the moola” but that’s not what it really is.
(Oh please! yes I am famzing. So what? Bite me) Sorry for the outburst lol. A girl needs to keep warm in these cold streets of social media.
As I was saying… I am not even going to lie that I followed the show. Apart from catching it in the office and whispering to one or 2 people about you- “I know her oh. We are friends on twitter” -I have never really done one legit hour. (And I know you will understand and forgive. Na work o.)
But everytime someone says something nice about you or your gist goes viral about being a cute bride (y’all killed that by the way), I light up.
Its probably too late now for me to start a campaign or gather people together and buy recharge cards for them to vote you but I swear to you…That is not what this is about.
This was the tweet that I saw that made me say “you know what Cynthia, you are going to write a post about your dear Twitter homie @malinkpinkk.”

It doesn’t matter how far anyone is from me. I know positive vibe when I feel positive vibe. P.S we have been stylishly hinting meet up so if you win the money, you are hosting me in P.H. and if you don’t win the money, you are still hosting me in P.H. (duh ya daddy is a king. How did I not even know that since sef?)
Here’s where I was going.
Thank you Marvis.
When the little girls I used to teach back in the day hear the word princess, their minds light up with lace ball dresses, tiaras, chariots and a Prince Charming. I just stand there with a smile, thinking to my pessimistic self .”Enjoy it while it lasts darlings. Once you grow older, life in conjunction with Nigeria will hit you with a reality harder than Cinderella at midnight”.
But after that moment, I carry on with my job to let them know that it doesn’t really end there. It is more of a thing of character. That Cinderella got stripped of her fine clothing did not mean she stopped being a princess. Amen?

Thank you for defining the word Princess. Thank you for being you. Even when I did not spend hours watching you, your character shone through. I guess the Prince Charming part is a constant K. I mean, just look atew and Efe. It would be such a high to see you guys take the seeming romance out of the house but if you do not, that’s fine. And it is nobody’s business. Yes I am talking to you Mr Bird,Mr camera and Mr  F.

If the meet up ever happens in Gidi, I fit still flex you small based on (I can almost hear my boss laugh in Hispanic.)
Anyway so that this is not all famz and no action, I am downloading We Chat and splurging the 100 on you right now. Probably also buy some interesting airtime and even borrow from Glo sef (Lmao I kid…not) just to show my (though seemingly little and late) but honest and invested support because #SistersSupportSisters.
Arnold has been such a sweetheart campaigning thoroughly for you. No, I am not even joking; You go need sort am like 1m for the 25million. He showed up in my bbm the other day with your bbnaija sermon and I felt utter shame. But it’s all good.
Should all these coup planning people succeed come Sunday, I am in the least way worried about you. You probably already know this but I’ll just reiterate for special effect.

25 million Naira or not Marvis, you are walking out of that house a winner; regardless.


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