BBNaija: Ahneeka “I Think Big Brother And I Have A Thing”

In an interesting interview session with Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate Ahneeka, she talks about life before the BBN show, friendships made in the house, and life after the show. She didn’t fail to say how much she misses big brother and the sexy way he calls out her name.

The beautiful ex-housemate proved to be the complete package of craziness and fun. She says that even though she’s playful, she is also just as serious. We need to watch out for her though, as she has a lot in store for us. From acting, singing to creating her own brand.

“I think we have a thing. I and Big Brother


What’s the meaning of the name Ahneeka?

Ahneeka is a Latin name meaning “grace”, it is my mom’s name. My real name is Maryann Iwuchukwu. That’s my birth name in case you wanna write me a cheque #wink. The initial spelling is Anika but I blended letters from all my names to form Ahneeka.

What was life like before the Big Brother show?

Life before Big Brother was slow and steady. You know, an engineer trying to break into the entertainment industry, going for auditions improving your craft, looking for people to give you a chance and being broke basically. #laughs

How was life in the Big Brother house like?

It was so real being in that place because I’ve watched Big Brother for so long, so being in that situation, hearing Big Brother call my name like; “this is Big Brother. Ahneeka”, you know the way he calls my name is so sexy I think we have a thing, I and Big Brother, because no one calls my name like that. It’s getting me so emotional” #sob, I’m sorry.

Having to be in situations I have never been in before because, I have never had to live with people in the same space, even my own siblings had their rooms and I had mine, so having to be in the same space with 19 other people who by God have crazy-ass characters was really hard. It was a learning moment for me, a learning moment of tolerance, patience and growth. And of course, the fun, the party and the booze, let’s not forget that part.

Was Big Brother part of the plan or you decided to try it?

I have always loved reality shows and I always wanted to have my own reality show before I am 30. I just love watching reality TV and Big Brother is the biggest reality TV there is in Africa or almost the whole world, so why not Big Brother? And you can get to win money for just being yourself… are you joking?  I have been following the show from Big Brother Africa, Canada, USA, Nigeria which was last year and I went for the one last year but unfortunately I didn’t make it, so “I went and redid my jazz very well, came back this year and I got in”. #laughs

You came into the house with so much life and excitement but later you became all quiet and reserved why?

I am a bubbly person and I am also a goofy person by nature, the big brother house is two things. It’s your personality and it’s the game, sometimes your personality won’t get you far in the game, so when I got into the house and got evicted the first night, I was on a low profile for the first two days and I had a headache.

Of course, it turned out to be a fake eviction… Then we got paired and we had that huge responsibility of considering your partner in whatever you do.  You don’t get to see my bubbly side in one second, I have to know you, feel the environment, feel the vibe and know my place.

The rejection of Dee-one, the partnership with Rico by default (which was a good thing cos it soft pedalled the whole embarrassment) and my partner was a low key guy so, I had to do the same thing. But I won’t say I was low key. I entertained myself and some other housemates too. It not all about raising voices and yelling. ” I am the leader of the power puff girls, I mean I had some good times, so it wasn’t all bad”.

What would you say to Angel’s claim of you being one of the things that kept him going in the house?

Well, that’s what he says. I was closest to Angel and Rico in the house, the later days I and Angel were strategic partners and in my mind, your strategic partner is your no1 priority. You have to look after them and make sure they are at their best.

So when Angel’s guitar was taken away from him, which was what he mostly used to communicate by having people sing around him, I just had to tell him to also involve himself in other conversations. To basically talk to other people because he was isolating himself. So, yeah I was his muse-ish. We just helped each other cope with the difficulty of being in the Big Brother house.

Who and what do you miss most in the BBN house?

I miss Big Brother, ah God, I just want him to call my name. I do miss Big Brother, I miss the Pay Porte games because I love games. I loved all the climbing, doing things, the puzzles (even though it was just the end of us in that house, but I loved it). And of course I loved the part of the Pay Port outfit, basically being there, in the house, waking up with no sense of time, sometimes I’m sure we had dinner at 3 am, I miss the whole experience. But Big Brother is who I miss the most.

Are brands reaching out?

Why would you ask that? That’s a funny question. I am a brand myself, I create my own brand. I don’t wait for anything to be handed to me, and I don’t think anyone should wait for anything to be handed to them, you should go out and hunt it down basically. So “if the brands ain’t coming, I’m hunting Y’all down” #laughs. Well, I’m creating my own brand, so I don’t think that should be a question.

What should we be expecting from Ahneeka?

Be expecting the brand definitely, very soon I’ll start reaching out to people to give endorsements. Oh well, Ahneeka is everything entertainment, everything fun and everything serious as well. I’m a presenter so I’m looking to expand my horizon, then go to movies, for now just acting then move to directing, then producing my own movie. Right now I just want to act and just enjoy being an actress, and singing. There are just endless possibilities, entertainment is so versed, so music as well, I’ll like to be a female rapper. Fashion, I’ll like to do some modelling as well, there’s just a lot to be done in the entertainment industry and I’m also business savvy, so I’ll also explore some business ideas I’ve had; now I have the platform so it’ll just be a little easier. I’ll also like to go into education, I’m passionate about education especially in the engineering sector, so I plan to go into education but that’s like later, later. Right now it’s just entertainment, business and education.

What did you think about the surprise of bringing evicted housemates back into the house?

I thought it was exciting, although I didn’t really get it. Like, were we still gonna play for the money? Because then it wouldn’t have been fair on other housemates in the house. But any chance to go back into the house was allowed. I wanted to go in as a fake housemate though, because being to focus on playing for the money just sucks the life/fun out of the whole game, so I just wanted to go back and have fun. So I did pitch to them that “you guys should just pay me lemme go and be a fake housemate, when I come back you’ll gimme like 5million lemme go and rest”. But then any chance to go back to the house is one to jump out, it was exciting and those that went, went.

So what’s with the viral pictures of you being bald?

“I’ve told you, deep down, I am an oyinbo”. My hair grows overnight. #laughs. It was just for a photo shoot and people were linking it to Tobi’s drawing which was very funny. But it was for a photo shoot for my lash line coming out.

What did you mean by “it’s not easy being in the house”?

It’s not easy because every day you’re looking at the same people who probably nominated you the week before. You know they are your friends, they get you good money but they also want the money for themselves. So it’s a friend-enemy kind of situation. They are your friend, you tell them your problems but you don’t know if they are going to use it against you later. It’s just hard being in the midst of people you know are gunning for you but you just have to smile through, you have to form alliances you are not sure are working, you have to control temperament, you have to share space and then the workout is hard. Being in the Big Brother house is hard, but was fun.

How has life been since after Big Brother?

Life has been fast like you just had the 360 turn around in your life and you are still trying to get used to it. Like you could walk down the road last year and no one would care, now you can’t even do that. I can’t even go eat at my favorite restaurant anymore. So it’s been really fast and I am grateful for the opportunities I have now, the people I can talk to, the people I can reach out to without having to introduce myself too much, the friends I have made, the supporters I have gained, it’s just a lot and I am grateful for it all. Of course, there are the negative energies but you just have to look pass it and that’s it.

If you were to wake up in another celebrity’s body, who would it be and why?

I’d be in Cristiano Ronaldo’s body. Why? I’ll wire all his money into my account #laughs. He is rich, he is good looking, I’d like to see the fun side of him aside from playing football, I love the accent and it’d be nice to know what an erection feels like… #laughs.


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