Back-Up Plans To Consider If The Music Fails

Sad truth is, not everyone doing music right now will ‘blow’. There can only be as many stars in the spotlight and even though many join in daily, the ones already there are strategizing on how to remain there for as long as autotune can sustain.
What then will be the fate of the “upcoming artistes” that saturate Nigeria like Gala in Lagos traffic?-The ones whose brimming discography will never see the light of day- The ones who daydream of selling out stages but cannot afford a decent studio session-The ones with worn out soles from performing free at every gig and talent show or even worse, the ones with no talent and no friends to tell them- What will be their fate?

The passion for music has a way of messing with your mind by causing you to beat a dead horse when it is indeed time to let go. Not making logical decisions in the nick of time can cost you a truly satisfied life.
Even the word fail is really relative in music nowadays. Thanks to digitization, artistes especially the independent ones can now create decent income streams without all the fanfare (if you have great content and a plan for consistency that is). Click here if you’d like to understand this more. But if the dream is to be a Davido or Wizkid or a Yemi Alade and the plan isn’t going quite well, just maybe you should take this more seriously.
Shit hitting the fan for good in your musical career is not the end of the world. The question should be, how do I remain in the music? Trust me on this, if the music goes beyond just the fame and fortune for you, remaining in the music is the only way you will not lose your entire mind and slip into permanent depression.
Teaching: You can decide to spin your creativity into teaching music. That you didn’t completely succeed at something doesn’t mean you cannot guide a younger generation to be great at it.
Perks: One of the people you teach might blow+ you have a standby reward in heaven lol.

Songwriting: Why not sell those great songs you have written to someone who has the brand to support it and no time in between shows to come up with a lyric?

Perks: You get to brag about the ones that turn into mega hits (depending on your contract though. If nah, issa law suit)

Music Journalism/Blogging: The headlines may not be about you but you can dedicate yourself to the curation of music and music information, and be part of making and preserving the history of this beautiful industry of ours.
Perks: Err, well you get to listen to music often and still get paid for it.
Music production: Get more into the structural process of making music.
Perks: You can give your singing/performing career a gazillion shots + You are likely to be more relevant than musicians in the long run.

Music Consultant/Analyst: Build a career around steering musicians in the right direction by gathering intelligence and studying patterns that will help produce better and profitable results.
Perks: You get to be honest about how you feel about someone else’s music lool
Artiste Management: Your artiste experience alone quarter qualifies you for this role.
Perks: VVIP Passes lol.

And there’s a truck-load more…
A paid music critic, Music show host, music event planner, DJ, Cinematographer, Stylist, Photographer etc, etc, etc.
Click here for more categories and options.
N.B. Getting some form of education/training/skill acquisition regardless of your music pursuits is not up for debate.This question might help put reality in perspective. If you lost your ability to sing or rap today, would you still be able to add value?

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