Baby Face: 6 Unexpected Advantages of Looking Younger Than Your Age

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Sometimes you’re not taken as seriously as you’d want to be because you look younger people might have prejudice against you and think you’re younger than you actually are. These are a few cons of having a baby face. People who have baby face tend to complain when they are young but little do they know that when they get older and still have that baby face it would come with loads of benefits and advantages. Benefits like.

1. You Tend To Seem Smarter: Let’s assume you’re 42 and you look 25 but talk and act like a 42-year-old person. People subconsciously assume you’re young so when you say smart stuff a 42-year-old would say, they see you as smart because their mind is programmed that you’re young.

2. You Can Be A Sugar Daddy (or Mummy) in Peace: Imagine being 60 and looking 30. You can take your young girlfriend on outdoor dates and no one will look at you judgingly like you’re a predator. Same goes for sugar mummies and Cougars, those Nigerian men who marry 60-year-old white women, imagine if those women looked 30 years younger, no one would say the men are marrying women their mother’s age. Meaning no peering eyes or jamb questions when you and young bae are out on a date.

3. You Save More Money: If you know how much people spend on age-defying products, you’d be glad your face goes right ahead and defies age without asking for your permission. No need for all these how to look younger DIY’s or products.

4. You’d Probably Have Lower Blood Pressure: Well, scientists and research claim that those who naturally look younger than their age tend to have lower blood pressure. Who are we to argue with science?

5. It’s Easier To Get Out Of Trouble: If by chance you get into trouble people will tend to be more lenient on you because they’d think you’re young.

6. People Assume You’re Sweet And Friendly: As opposed to having a resting Bitch Face, having a cuddly baby face attracts people to you and they tend to want to be your friend. That’s why 50-year-old mothers who look 25 still get toasters on the regular. Let’s put it this way, In RMD and Mr. Ibu, who would you rather prefer to be your sugar daddy?


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Baby Face: 6 Unexpected Advantages of Looking Younger Than Your Age


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