ASSURANCE2020: The Big Wedding

Davido aka OBO has finally popped the question to Chioma ‘ChefChi’ after the Introduction.

The #Assurance couple had gone through a lot of criticism from people over the years after Davido sang the song Assurance to Chioma and also got her a Porsche as a birthday Present. The two lovebirds have been together for a very long time, so it’s high time they got this done already. The criticisms was faced more on Chioma who supposedly dropped out of school to be with the Love of her life and was alleged to have been disowned by her parents cause of her love and decisions.

Now, Davido has pulled a fast one and put shame to the faces of these critics, by putting a ring on the finger, not just a ring but as he calls it ‘THE ROCK’. Rumour has it that ChefChi has been on a low due to the pregnancy she’s carrying for OBO.

#Assurance2020 is going to be the talk of the time for a long while. Indeed this is going to be a massive wedding and a big one to Plan.

Let’s gather round and get our Dancing shoes and Aso-ebi ready for the one in a million wedding.💃🏼

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