Album Review: A Trip to the South (Erigga)


Street-hop artist Erigga recently dropped an album titled A Trip to the South. The highly anticipated album features artists like Orezi and South South legend, Duncan Mighty.

Erigga definitely stayed true to his Warri flow and street influence with this album. As someone that was not familiar with much of his music, I was impressed with the cohesiveness and overall flow of the album. Tracks like A Trip to the South and Delete had both excellent production and major bars from Erigga. He managed to infuse his signature pidgin flow seamlessly with the equally impressive hip hop beats. Industry Nite Refix, Lagos and Ghetto Prayers were more introspective and gave us a glimpse into the rapper’s mind. This kind of reflective tone was quite refreshing to see from a rapper in 2017. Erigga also utilized his features effectively. Lagos, featuring Duncan Mighty, was the perfect blend of both sounds. I also enjoyed Co-operate with King Perry.

While there were some standout tracks on this album that have the potential to make Erigga a very worthy contender for the hip-hop crown, a few of the tracks of the album were forgettable or below par. The Way Your Matter Be did not stand out and was a bit lackluster. Spoil Everywhere and The Way Your Matter Be were also not among my favourites. That being said, the album is definitely a solid one and a great reminder of why Erigga is the self-proclaimed “King of the South”. With his lyricism and unique flow, Erigga is a breath of fresh air. This album is an example of just what the indigenous rap game needs.


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