ALBUM REVIEW Quickie: Boogey And Paybac’s Alternate Ending

The Lost and Found’s Alternate Ending might just be one of the best Nigerian Rap Albums of the year, alongside Falz’ Moral Instruction.The uniqueness of the joint album is highlighted in how well Boogey and Paybac blend their styles and individualities to best highlight major themes, encompassing their journey, resilience and perception about the music industry and their societies.

The 13-tracks album featured artists like Maka, Aramide, Jazzz, Danladi, Mon Lee, Lyn, and Monki Bznzz. Produced by Charlie X, Sizzle PRO and Black Intelligence, Alternate Ending fluently expresses the artists’ state of mind as they burst rhymes in English Language as well as Hausa in a few tracks.

Both artists had a little healthy rap competition in ‘Boogeyman’ and ‘Paybac Time’, without streaming off the central theme of the whole album; The struggles of the independent rapper.

The album focuses on these struggles by breaking down the expectations of rap artists, the constant pressure that they continually face as regards what kind of music to make and whom to make it for. It doesn’t end with this as they highlight the fact that the criticism will never stop hence it’s a lost cause fighting to please or satisfy those who will never be satisfied.

‘The Portal’ is a summary, rather a symbolism of their journey represented by a story. As narrated, Paybac and Boogey travel in a green Mercedes, a symbolism of their journey. The industry guy, who in this story chases them, can be seen as a representation of the criticisms that they continually face as indie rap artists. This first track gives an insight to what the remaining tracks in the album represent.

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