Album Review: Palmwine Music by Show Dem Camp

Show Dem Camp

I have been a fan of Show Dem Camp since their “Feel Alright” days. I’m always a fan of artists that don’t compromise on authenticity and lyricism so, after “Clone Wars Volume 3″ dropped in 2016, I was more than willing to wait for the duo’s next big project. Seeing that “Palm Wine Music” would feature exceptional artists like BOJ, Poe, Funbi and Tomi Thomas was a Nigerian music lover’s wet dream. The question is, did it live up to its hype?

The album starts off with Up 2 You featuring the golden voice himself, Funbi. The song instantly gave me “Feel Alright” vibes and reminded me why I grew to love Show Dem Camp in the first place. Funbi delivered, as usual, and the production is stellar. Also, the outro is lit!

Next up we have Compose featuring Boj. Once again, the production is stellar. Boj always delivers with his signature sound and I loved the old-school afrobeat sound and production. The standout for me though, was Ghost’s verse. He really gave us left and right! It’s always refreshing to see a dope flow paired with quality lyrics and punchlines.

They follow up with Independent Woman ft Ajebutter 22. The hook on this song is super catchy and I like the production. It didn’t stand out at first but, after a few listens, it really grew on me. I enjoyed the lyrics and the fact that it was ode to independent women. The lyrics were fresh and uplifting and that is something that has become extremely rare. Once again, Ghost killed it and I can definitely see a new generation of Instagram caption inspired by his lyrics.

She Wants More feat Poe might be my favourite on the album. Poe DELIVERED on this song. If a chilled glass of palm wine on Tarkwa bay with a peng ting on your arm was a song, this would be it. I really enjoyed Tec’s verses and I felt like he really stood out on this song.

Next up, we have What you want ft Tomi Thomas. This song is everythingggg! As much as I appreciate the signature Show Dem Camp sound, I really loved this departure. Tomi Thomas gave us great vocals and the house music vibes were a beautiful change.


Finally, we have Popping ft Odunsi and Boj. Once again, the production on this song is amazing and I enjoyed the Yoruba flavour they brought to the verses.

I try to be as objective as possible with these reviews but it was incredibly difficult to find any weak spots. You can tell that genuine creative effort went into the compilation and production of this project and the songs are well crafted. They chose the perfect features for each track and it is definitely clear that their sound has progressed and matured. The production was absolutely excellent and someone needs to buy Spax a cold bottle of stout! The songs are versatile and I can definitely see them aging well. I’m probably going to be the mummy playing “Palmwine Music” for my kids and lecturing them on ‘the good old days’.

VIBE Rating: 9.5/10

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