Album Review: Adekunle Gold Establishes His Sound And Crown In About 30

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Albums usually tell stories; about an artist’s experience or that of their acquaintances, or something more. Adekunle Gold is an artist that tells stories in the most sweet, homely, and natural way possible. I may not be a fan of Adekunle Gold_actually, I barely listen to him_ but, About 30 is an album that I have been repeatedly listening to. A number of people do believe that Gold was a better album. Gold was good. About 30 is awesome.

The 16-track album is a blend of Afro-pop, Juju, Highlife, and Bongo. Once again, the Urban Highlife artist succeeded in establishing how he’s King of his genre. Music is a combination of good sound and good lyrics. All the tracks off this album prove that good music is different from its infamous enemy; noise, which is not something to worry about so long as our Golden man is existent on a song. With featured artists like DYO, Seun Kuti, Flavour, Lcgc and Jacob Banks, Adekunle Gold was able to unify his outstanding sound with theirs, creating a fusion that is so mentally and spiritually calming. This man never forgets to remember his roots, as its influence is deeply knitted with his style.

He took his time to identify and address the problems, experiences and challenges of a man his age. The struggle for riches, hard work, success, women problems, love, and a lot more. He also expresses love for his mother in ‘mama’.There’s just something special about the vibe this album emits, it’s similar to chilling on the beach shore on a warm evening in the middle of summer.

My personal favorites include ‘Ire’, ‘Pablo Alakori’, ‘Somebody’ and ‘Back to start’. The imagery of an ancient hangout with palm wine under a palm tree playing local games, keeps flowing through my mind whenever I listen to ‘Back to Start’. It’s almost like I was there, right where it all started; our culture, tradition, and our own special means of social solidarity. ‘Mr Foolish’ featuring Seun Kuti talks about futility and its siblings. As expected there are elements of Afro pop in the song, with an excellent trumpeting.

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The album is a beautiful art. A proof that Adekunle is a core African artist. I won’t imagine what alternative music would be like without an Adekunle Gold. If you have not listened to About 30, do not, i repeat, do not fail to do so. This King holds his crown well!





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