Akaycentric: Without Music, I have No Life


So it was a usual work day, only it was more busy than usual but that didn’t bother Nigerian musician, Akaycentric as he had to wait a short while before his interview. He didn’t just make it to the office some minutes before his interview, which isn’t very common with a lot of people but also showed quite an amount of patience which was very much appreciated.

Akinola Olumuyiwa Oshodi, popularly known by his stage name Akaycentric is a talented Afro-Pop musician with a number of released songs, both videos, and audio. He started music professionally way back in 2010 but is in no rush to hit it big, as he believes that everyone moves at their own pace.

In this fun interview session, Akay, as we call him here, gives us an insight of what music is to him and his future plans in music. Straying away from music a little, he tells us what he thinks about the cyber-crime (yahoo yahoo) trend.


What is music to you?

Music is life, without music, I have no life. So music is basically my life.

When did you take music professionally?

I started singing at a very young age, I joined the secondary school choir, and then the church choir. My first single was a gospel track and that was when I starting building my music skills. I attended different auditions, almost all the auditions in Lagos. Then, I released my first official single in 2010 with Ice Prince, titled Addicted. So I started music professionally in 2010.

Are you independent or with any label?

Up until last year I was independent, but I got signed to Monkey Media House last year. MMH is based in the United States but we have our office here in Lagos. I mean, this is home.

How would you categorically describe your kind of music?

It’s always funny when I have to answer questions like this because I see myself as an all-around artist. I do not like to box myself. Basically, I do Afro-Pop though. Notwithstanding, I could do any/other kinds of music as well.

Is it just music for you, and if not music what would it be?

For now, it is just music. I am still thinking of what other things I could do and I haven’t seen so it is just music for now. If it is not music though, I think I’d be writing. I’d be writing music for people. It is something I’d do in the long run.

How has the journey in the industry been so far?

It has been interesting and challenging, especially when you do not have the support. I think that is the biggest challenge any artist would have, trying to convince people to believe in the dream. That was then for me though, when I was still looking for someone to believe in the dream. That has been conquered though, my record label is on board now and all I need to worry about now is doing good music, constantly writing and putting my songs out there for people to listen.

What is your target fan base?

I’d say the youths and elderly, I try not to be too vain with my lyrics so the elderly, as well as the youths, can listen to them. So I’d say age bracket (18-60).

Outside of music, tell us a little bit about you?

Outside of music, I’m a small boy trying to make it big. My real name is Akinola Olumuyiwa Oshodi, and yes! I am a full Yoruba boy. People tend to be surprised when I say that, they say I look Igbo. #laugh. I’m a graduate of Lagos State University (LASU), double honors Accounting and Education.

Are you in a relationship?

No way!!! I’m not going to say, please don’t come and spoil my market. #laughs. I won’t talk about that for now.

Are there producers you are most comfortable with?

I’m comfortable with every producer I work with, as long as they listen to what I want. I like to sit with my producer and tell them what I want because I have an idea of what I want the song to sound like. The song is already produced in my head, and it has to come out how I imagined it or close. So I like to sit with my producers and work close enough to them. Good enough, most of the producers I have worked with in the past have been extremely fantastic.

What is your major challenge in the industry?

Like I said, the challenge before now was getting someone to believe in the dream but that has changed. I don’t really see any major challenge right now because I’m not in competition with anyone but there are little hiccups here and there. Like getting the sincere hands to work with you on new projects, most times people are all for themselves and it poses problems most of the time. So that’s about it.


What is your take on the cyber-crime trend, like the club 57 issue?

You mean the Yahoo Yahoo issue? Well, it is a very delicate issue and I’ll never support it. I do not know how to use the system as much as to think of Yahoo or scam people. I’ll never support it, but I’ll only urge the government to try as much as possible to make the country a better place for the youths. It is really hard for a lot of people. Some people cannot afford to eat even once a day, it is really hard. I think when the government makes provisions for the youths, this crime will reduce.

What should we expect from you during the second half of the year?

All you need to expect is more songs, more songs, more videos, more shows, and more appearances. I have some songs out already and more will be out soon, with a lot of surprises that I won’t talk about right now. A couple of collaborations already done, waiting to be unleashed but I won’t mention right now.

Are there artists you’d want to collaborate with?

Of course, there are, I’d love to work with Slimcase, I love him. I’d love to have a remix on Shotan with him. I love Davido, Wizkid and Yemi Alade, she is extremely successful in her field, hardworking and she’s really making Africa proud. I’ll really love to work with her and of course, 2face.

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