Afrobeats Mix: Naomi Campbell Releases a Special Curated Apple Music Playlist In Celebration Of Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, supermodel actor and philanthropist Naomi Campbell teamed up with Apple Music to curate a special playlist inspired by her love for Afrobeats. You can stream the playlist by clicking here

When asked about curating this playlist Naomi states: 

Afrobeats makes me feel happy whenever I hear it. People just go to another level; it makes you want to dance and move. Burna Boy’s “Anybody” and Wizkid’s “Joro” are songs that give me feelings I can’t get elsewhere. I love the sound of ‘Anybody.’ I love the live sound of the band and Burna’s voice on top of it. It’s a new sound but it sounds like live music, which is rare these days. I’m all about rhythm and bass, and I love the slow build of ‘Joro.’ It’s a sexy, deep, sensual song like it’s moving forward to reveal something from inside.

Campbell’s 53-track selection spans emerging talents and established superstars, but what matters most to her—as she points out using Burna Boy’s “Anybody” and Wizkid’s “Joro” as examples—is that the songs give her a feeling she can’t get elsewhere.

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