Abstinence Vs S3x Before Marriage: 10 Couples Share Their Stories


In this part of the world, s3x before marriage is allegedly frowned upon but a lot of people still engage in it. Let’s flash back to the past and talk about the Yorubas. Back in the day on the night of the wedding the man and his wife would consummate and if he found out she wasn’t a virgin he would return her back to her family. Well, that was then, things have changed now.

We decided to take it to the social media and do an online vox pop asking married couples if they did it before their marriage and they gave us some interesting answers.


1. “My husband and I were semi-abstinent (no pen1s inside vag) for religious reasons, and didn’t live together before we got married (dated 5 years). Have now been married 2.5 years. We have a very healthy marriage and active sex life, in my opinion.
To be fair, we are more part of the Christian left and have always been sex-positive. I’m not sure if I still believe it’s essential to abstain until marriage, but it was very important to my partner, and it didn’t hurt us.”

2. “My wife and I weren’t 100% abstinent before marriage, but close. When we first started dating we fooled around some, but then she felt like waiting was the right thing to do so we didn’t do anything else until we got married.
Right when we first got married s3x was alright. We did it pretty frequently, I guess. Not so much now though.
It was a mistake. Fcck abstinence. It’s the worst.”

3. “Still happily married 17 years later. I think it was very good because it forced us to spend time really getting to know each other while we were dating.”

4. “Probably not a typical experience, but I never had penis inside vag until the night of of my wedding with my wife (now of 8 years). Sex sucked at first, especially for her. But it’s amazing now, albeit a bit less frequent. Still getting better with time.”

5. “The most we did while dating/engaged was one heavy make out session. No groping, even. We’ve been married 5 years and have s3x or he gets a bj nearly every single night, unless he’s tired or sick. I love the d, and have declined s3x only once I can think of in the last several months. It worked out for us.”

6. “Still happily married 17 years later. I think it was very good because it forced us to spend time really getting to know each other while we were dating.”

7. “My husband and I waited. We don’t have any issues with our relationship because of it. We talked a lot about what our expectations would be and how we would approach it in our marriage. I’m glad we waited. It has been a learning curve sure, but we’ve been married for almost three years now and have a descent s3x life. There’s been some short dry spells sure to health issues but we love each other very much and try to make the other person happy.”

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