9 Nigerian Meals That Will Make You Lose Weight Permanently

Having weight issues or tired of searching for the right diet for you? Overweight issues seem to be a major cause of worry for overweight people. They not only go through different ways of dieting but also show curiosity to various kinds of advice that come their way.

Everyone is aware of the basic way to weight loss which is low-calorie healthy diet along with a lot of exercise. Often people are lazy to follow the proper diets plans or maybe, lethargic enough to work out well. In such a scenario, one can go ahead with including some healthy Nigeria foods that can easily help you in the process of losing weight. These foods have the ability to increase our metabolism, dismiss water preservation and also eliminate hunger at odd times.

1. Egg
Every household possibly have egg stored in their refrigerator. Consuming eggs along with the yolks is quite healthy. It doesn’t affect the heart and helps a lot in giving you a perfect shape. You can also have omlets and scrambles which are preferred by many people across the world.

2. Oats
A major choice of diet is oats that definitely helps in reducing weight issues. Make it a daily habit to have a bowl of oats at the start of your day. Oats are not just healthy but the fibre content that oats possess is necessary for our body too. Have oats that are minimally processed that gives fibre almost a gram extra than the instant oats. Add slices of apples to your oats that helps to reduce belly fat.

3. Peanuts
You must wonder how peanuts would help in losing weight. Well, having a handful of peanuts whenever you are hungry helps to reduce hunger for few hours. It maintains your overeating practices and provides ample amount of protein. They have omega 3 fatty acids and also fibre plus are rich in skin conditioning Vitamin E. Have the peanuts as snacks in between your meals and get the desirable flat stomach.

4. Brown Rice
White rice is considered to be fattening. Substitute brown rice in your diet chart instead of white rice to get a toned belly. Brown rice is rich in proteins and vitamins that help to strengthen your body muscles. Its B Vitamins have the power to reduce and burn down the calories. Target to consume brown rice or in other words lesser and complex carbohydrate.

5. Beans
Various diet charts say having beans everyday helps you to stay full for a long period of time. They are several types of beans, but every single type has its own nutrients with fibres and proteins. One vital function that beans perform is that it helps to regulate energy at a slow level. Beans definitely help in toning of our bellies and make our muscles strong.

6. Avocado
Avocado is rich in potassium which helps to control water balance and magnesium that avoids constipation. Spicy food and avocado make a great combination that regulates our digestive

7. Ginger
During digestion problem, frequently we hear people advising us to have a piece of ginger. The reason is quite clear. Ginger possesses an enzyme which is known as the zingibain that comes as an aid to indigestion. It contains anti­nausea, anti­inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

8. Garlic
Each clove of garlic has a natural chemical known as the allicin that combines and reacts with the blood to eliminate various harmful bacteria in our body system. It comprises of toxins and antioxidants that helps to reduce body fat. Add few cloves of garlic in your daily meal to get the best benefits of diets.

9. Mackerel
Oily fish helps to tone up our body due to its high level of proteins content. Mackerel are also ironic in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and contains low saturated animal fats.

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