8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sex

1. Period Sex Is A Really Good Idea

You might just see having sex during period as been gross but it has its weird advantages. Not only can having sex on your period shorten it, but period sex can also help reduce menstrual cramps like whoa! The combo of dopamine and oxytocin is better than any ibuprofen in the world.

2. Masturbation Makes For Better Sex Lives

Everyone does not need a reason to masturbate, but people who masturbate regularly, especially when they’re in a relationship, have the best sex lives. The more comfortable you are with your body and the more you know about it, the better the sex will be with other people. Cause you tend to know what is more comfortable or convenient for you.

3. Swallowing Semen Is Great For Morning Sickness

Although the idea of giving a blowjob while you’re pregnant and suffering from morning sickness might not seem ideal, studies have found that when a woman swallows the semen of her partner (the partner who’s also the father of the baby), it can soothe nausea, helping to kick morning sickness to the curb.

4. The Vagina Decreases In Size During Orgasm

While breasts and nostrils swell during intercourse, just as an orgasm hits, the vagina decreases in size by 30 percent… then those contractions start kicking in along the vaginal walls, so it gets bigger, than smaller, then bigger. And then it gets going till an orgasm occurs.

5. Women’s Voices Change When They’re Aroused

If a woman is feeling sexy and looking to get some action, her voice naturally changes to go along with her mood. Men, however, don’t have this gift. Ladies tend to be more mushy and humble. Lol

6. Once An Orgasm Starts, You Can’t Stop It

While you may be able to put off having an orgasm (this is called edging), once it starts, you can’t just stop it. That’s because once it starts, it’s less about the physical aspect and more about the mental aspect of the orgasm. And you’d be so relieved and weak once it stops.

7. Cleopatra Invented The First Vibrator

As a woman far ahead of her time, Cleopatra is credited with inventing the very first vibrator. How? Well, she hallowed out a gourd, filled it with bees and buzz, buzz, buzz. Thank you, Cleopatra! cause it’s a life saver to a lot of women out here.

8. The Louder A Woman Is In Bed, The Faster Her Partner Will Come

If you’ve ever wanted to speed up a sex session, you know, because it’s been going on and on and you have shit to do, just start screaming and moaning loudly. Putting on a very vocal production will have your partner climax in no time.

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