8 Reasons Why You Are Failing As A Nigerian Musician

For every musician that has made it in the industry, there are about a thousand and one still struggling to make it. Now some will eventually do make it, while others may not. But to help even the odds, here are a few things you are probably doing/not doing that’s causing you to fail as an artist.

Your team has no real music industry experience

Being a musician is one thing, but having experience in the music field is another. While you may see it as following your passion, other people in the music industry will see it as an investment/business venture that can earn them money. So if you or none of your team members have any real experience in the industry, you may continue making the right music moves while simultaneously making the wrong business moves that are actually meant to earn you money.

You have a tiny budget for promotion/marketing

Yes, I know you don’t have that kind of money, that’s why you haven’t made it yet. Not everyone is Davido or an O.B.O! But the honest truth is, you have to spend money to make money. You can spend less on the right kind of promotion, which will be very effective and will further your music career, help you get more people buying your music and all. However, many people spend either big money on the wrong kind of promotions or even small money on marketing – two epic wrongs!

You are actually not that talented

This is a bitter pill that may be hard to swallow, but it may actually be the truth. Here’s the thing, there are a sh*tload of wack musicians out there who are making it, but that’s only because they are marketable. If you aren’t that good at making music while also not being marketable, then you will continue to struggle all your life to make it. A good rebranding or actually learning the intricacies of what music entails can go a long way in helping you. Like they say, “hard work beats talent every time.” If you are willing to learn and are hardworking, then you will surely be able to turn your sweat and passion into sweet rewards.

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