8 Hair & Makeup tips for slaying on screen

Television is a totally different ball game compared to reality. Makeup done for TV does require special skills so you look extra nice. Lighting does help, but well-applied makeup is necessary to play up your best features.

Television is all about high definition which allows you to look at all your flaws with detailed precision. So Instead of piling it on, you need to blend in as much as possible. For television always remember that matte is always better than shimmer.

1. Colors: For your makeup make sure to apply colors that are not too loud and showy, it has to rhyme with what you have on. Also if you want to try out flashy colors for your hair, make sure to keep every other thing neutral.

2. Longevity: Ordinarily your makeup should last for some amount of time, but special attention has the be given to your makeup when you’re going onscreen. Use products that would help your makeup stay on longer like a make-up finisher.

3. Contrast: Avoid using colors be it for your makeup or your hair that might clash with the furniture pieces in the studio, trust me you don’t want to end up looking like you don’t fit in.

4. Get A Professional Make-up Artist: Avoid doing your makeup yourself except you’re a professional makeup artist. Make sure to use a primer, blush, illuminators and all other products that highlight your features so you have that youthful appearance.

5. Avoid Too Much Lipstick: Do not apply lipstick at all if you cannot apply your lipstick properly. If your eye makeup is already really loud, then balance it out by applying an almost neutral shade.

6. Do Styles That Accentuate Your Face: Make sure your hair doesn’t cover your face. If it’s going to drop make sure, it’s to the side. Wigs are becoming the rave of the moment, just make sure it fixed on tight to avoid any unsavory events.

7. Avoid Oily Products: You don’t want to look like you oiled your face with groundnut oil.

8. Even if you’re going without makeup make sure that your eyebrows are on fleek.

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