7 Valentine Gift Ideas On A Zero Budget

Valentine's day
Valentine’s day

So, it is Valentine’s day tomorrow and a lot of people are already in search of what to get for that special one, to show love and appreciate them. While some are already shopping, some are still searching and maybe trying to find the right writeup to help them and there are others who have the best gifts at heart but can not afford to buy tangibles.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. There are a few gifts you can get without spending anything…

  • Create a music playlist

Create a music playlist for your partner, it should have all their favourite song, from their favourite artiste both locally and internationally in it. If your partner already has their favourite songs on their devices, you could help them arrange them into playlists. That way, it makes it easy for them to shuffle through songs that well define their mood.

  • Makeshift gift voucher

Create a gift voucher and maybe title it “FROM ME TO YOU”. It should have a list of things they can get from you for Valentine. Like … A homemade meal, an arrangement of partners space, a sexy car wash, laundry, errand girl/boy for the day and stuff like that. Don’t forget to make it fun while you are at it.

  • Home massage

Home massage is a romantic thing to experience with your partner. You could take turns with the massage therapy, it aids relaxation and it is really sexy.

  • Movie marathon

This could be interesting if you are a movie lover. You could create a playlist of movies and spend all day, with your partner, indoor watching movie after movie, all day long.

  • Create a video/slide show

Bring back memory by creating a video or a slide show of you and your partner. It could be pictures or videos of times you spent together, watching that brings the moments back and I can’t think of anything more romantic than reliving moments once shared.

  • Write a letter

Have you ever written a love letter? If not, this is a perfect time to start. Writing letters are believed to be old school but guess what, letters are cherished. Write a letter to your partner, tell them how much you love and appreciate them. If there is a need to apolo4tgise, do so. Make this Valentine special, pour out your heart on paper.

  • Get a job/ Save up

Now, with all said and done, giving zero budget ideas is cool, helpful and fun but I think solving the reason for a budget at all is more important. If you can not afford to spend on Valentine’s day because you do not have a job or saving, try to change that. Get a job, open an account or buy a saving box, start saving and try to make next year a better year,

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies, have fun and show love to everyone…

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