7 Tricks To Make Your Woman H0rny – #Vibeafterdark

Women are lovers; we are naturally very emotional compared to men. Showing a woman love alone makes her want you. S3x for us has started even before we take off our clothes. It starts from our mind if we have an attraction and connection to the person. If you have a woman and you want her h0rny and h0rnier, buckle up, this article is about to open your eyes to the dirty little secrets which are also the truth on how to make her crave s3x with you. Note that first of all, you have to be an amazing lover.

1. Attention: Women love the attention it’s like our food. We live on that sh*t. The sensation of getting a man’s complete and undivided attention is an immense turn on for most women. So listen and pay good attention to her-in and out of the bedroom. Pay attention to her body too. Comment on her bracelet, anklet, and hair. Look into her eyes when she shares her feelings, thought, and dreams. When you do this it makes her feel secure. Be her listener, confidant and friend. You may be wondering how this would make her h0rny. Trust me its part of it. If she feels shes your everything she will trust you and feel free in the bedroom with you. Great s3x is your reward for making her feel comfortable and free with you.

2. Give her a massage: A massage will relax her. Touching her bare skin can make her h0rny. Start with her shoulders, then the side of her head, giving gentle strokes with light pressure. Her back, waistline, legs, thighs, feet, nibble on her earlobes also. By the time you have done this, she will be less tensed and relaxed and she might want to get down.

3. Do not rush, take your time: S3x for guys is quite different from how it is for women. You all can just stick it in and be done with your business, for women it’s a whole ball game-we require more of the foreplay. Touching, fondling, stroking, caressing and all that stuff. This just doesn’t make the s3x great-it makes it more intimate and it also helps to create a stronger bond.


4. Eat that pu**sy:  Very few women can achieve orgasm through s3x alone? Oral s3x if performed skillfully can do the trick and make her cum like a river. ‘Skillfully’ because ‘giving head’ is an art or science, so balancing the two will help. If you don’t know how to, you can watch some adult movies and also to communicate with her about how she wants and likes it. Just an advice, start with her clitoris because it’s only purpose is for pleasure!

5. S3x toys: Try some sex toys. This adds excitement as this expands sexual repertory. Another advantage is they are tools that help get her orgasm without you doing much work. Use a vibrator to stimulate her clitoris, her nipples, hold and caress and watch her if she is enjoying it. Watch her use the vibrator on herself. Relax, don’t try to rush it, take your time to do it perfectly. Remember, you want her all h0rny and ready for you. S3x toys spice things up and it also helps increase trust and intimacy between lovers.

6. Seduce her mind: Send her sexy texts, tell her how much you miss her touch, skin, and even the smell of her hair. Seduce her mind well and she will let you seduce her body.

7. Look attractive: Look neat and clean, groom your beard. Have a great dress sense and style. Women like their men to look good and smell nice. Use aftershave, you could also try a sporty masculine body spray.


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