7 Reasons I’m Sleeping with your Husband

Wait wait wait, before you label me devils child, hear me out first and hear what I have to say! I am not child of the world, I am not child of the devil and no, I am not sleeping with anybody’s husband. So no, I’m not an ashewo. I came across this interesting post by skinnyandsingle and like you, I labeled her child of the world even without reading until something said “Munachiso, read the the post”. So now its your turn, read why she’s sleeping with your husband!

“1. You forgot him. You’ve forgotten all the cute notes he used to leave you. You’ve forgotten the reasons you fell in love with him. You forgot him and I gave him a blowjob.

2. You stopped making him laugh. You didn’t tell him the silly thing that happened at the store, you don’t tell him about your goofy antics. You just stopped but I gave him a blowjob.

3. You didn’t ask about him. You didn’t ask about his silly antics, you didn’t engage in any conversation at all. You just didn’t ask but I gave him a blowjob.

4. You put your children first. You give them all your time, your affection and your love. You’re so busy with them that he has become secondary. Why isn’t he first, how did you get these kids again? The guy just wants a blowjob.

5. You effin let yourself go. Really, change the stained shirt and track pants. Throw them away. Brush your hair and make an effort to look as pretty as you were when he fell in love with you. I look fantastic while giving him a blowjob.

6. He bought you the pajamas as a joke, you weren’t meant to wear them night and day. Take them off and maybe wash them. Ok, really, just give the man a blowjob.

7. You stopped ripping his clothes off. You stopped touching him. You stopped the blowjobs, I started up again, he loves me.

Now that you all hate my guts. I’m not sleeping with your husband, are you?”

As a married woman, what did you learn? As a single woman, what did you learn? Now guys, what did you take away from this because it’s not just for the ladies. Now start commenting!

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