7 Music Business Opportunities That You Have Been Sleeping On

“Ghanaians Don’t Understand The Music Industry And Its Business” – Sarkodie

Do you know why many people are running to the music industry? It’s because there is such a high demand for music and that can only mean one thing when supplied: money. But the mistake many people make is thinking that the only music business opportunities in the industry are singing and producing when there are scores of opportunities out there.

It is also important to note that if you are considering going into the music industry just to make some quick cash as a musician, then you should rethink because a lot of people go into the music business yearly with the same intention but only a few ever make it big. Music business is good business but it doesn’t always have to be about being a performer and churning out hits from time to time.

Become A Mobile DJ

The men turning tables and showing their skills on the wheels of steel are actually one of the most sought-after people in the music industry because everyone requires their services. See the success level people like DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Exclusive, DJ Spinall and others have gotten to? As a mobile DJ, you can be the DJ for weddings, corporate events,  any and all celebrations/festivals/events, and even be a musician’s tour DJ (because most big musicians have their own DJs). Anytime you are DJ’ing, make sure you connect with your audience and tailor your songs to the mood of the crowd so that they will remember you and in turn not hesitate to either pay for your services or recommend you to those who may need it. Don’t forget to share your business cards and always introduce yourself to the audience.

Music Teacher

This is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the industry that many people in this part of the world are yet to tap into. People want to learn how to play an instrument or many, they want to learn how to sing, mix songs like a DJ, how to record and produce songs, and any music service you can think of. But the only way or them to learn is to be taught, which is where you come in by being their teacher. You can target students as your prospective students. Get bookings by handing out flyers, or record yourself teaching and upload the videos to video streaming sites that pay.

Buying and Selling Pop Memorabilia

It’s not just the records people love – they’ll pay big money for anything if it is related to a particular singer or band. Just look at the prices that Elvis and Beatles related memorabilia fetches at auctions all over the world. You could make money buying and selling memorabilia to collectors via ads in related publications, or buy things on their behalf in the same manner as a record supplier, and collect a finder’s fee.

Performing Live

Naturally, people will always pay to see musicians perform their craft live. Whether you are a singer, an opera performer or you play a musical instrument, then you are the one that restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and theatres, parks and more are looking for.

You can also contact recording studios to see if they need singers or instrumentalists for session work. Remember, you don’t have to aspire to sell out Teslim Balogun Stadium – thousands of musicians make a solid living from working at restaurants and pubs.

Song Writing

If you write a song that becomes successful, the rewards can be mouth-watering. For example, “Closer” by Wizkid X Drake. Every time it is played anywhere in the world- whether it is on radio, TV, a movie, or live on stage, the person(s) who wrote the song will get a royalty payment for it. If you want to do the same, first you have to write, and copyright, your song. To get it recorded by a major artist and make some money you’ll require a music publisher. These act as agents for songwriters and promote songs to record companies and artists, taking a percentage of the earnings, and they also help collect royalties from organizations.

Recording Sound and Special Effects

Many YouTubers and content creators – especially movies and TV series,- all require special sound effects for their videos. Sounds like wildlife, relaxing beach, sea, forest, sea murmurs, railway sounds, and other special effects that people generally use. You can set up a website to sell your products on or get in touch with big websites that offer such services to place your works on them and you’ll get a fee for everytime someone buys your special effects.

Musical Instrument Rental

If you have a lot of instruments, instead of just letting them collect dust or waste away because you don’t use them as often as you’d like, why not rent them out to people? People make money from renting out drums, guitars, pianos and electronic keyboards, amplifiers, microphones, public address and sound recording equipment. And if you want to rent a musical equipment or a camera, you can contact FreeMe Digital.


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