7 iPhone Apps Every Musician Must Have on Their Phone

Thanks to the rapidly increasing rate at which smartphones keep advancing, you can hardly find anyone that isn’t either using one or attached to his/her gadget. Let’s be honest, with the many applications being created to suit our needs on a daily, why wouldn’t we be addicted?

As a musician, there are many applications that not only help you with your day to day activities but can also help you with your career as a musician. Below are 7 iPhone apps that every musician should have on their phone.

Garageband (iPhone/iPad)

Garageband is like a pocket recording studio. It enables you to record up to 8 different tracks per song, has some excellent pre-recorded instruments, and even helps you record your own voice on a track using your phone’s microphone. There are many effects like reverb, echo,  as well as fun effects like “monster” and “robot” that you can add to make the final sound suite your taste. Garageband is perfect for recording a quick demo or even to just hear your own sound on a recording.

Yelp (iPhone/iPad/Android)

If you are on tour, Yelp is a pretty fantastic tool to find cheap places to eat and sleep. It can use the current location of your phone to search for hotels, restaurants, and pretty much any store you might need to find. It also comes with comprehensive user reviews to help you determine how divey a place really is.

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