7 Nigerian Dishes That Deserve As Much Love As Jollof Rice

When it comes to staple Nigerian dishes the first dish that comes to one’s mind has to be Jollof Rice. If you’re Nigerian and you haven’t tasted jollof rice (or you don’t enjoy eating it) then your citizenship needs to be revoked. That being said, we can all agree that Nigerians love jollof rice, so much that they claimed it as their national food (yup, Jollof didn’t originate from Nigeria) and it has even caused a social media war between Ghanaians and Nigerians over who makes it better.

Don’t let social media fool you, Jollof rice isn’t as Bae as people make it seem. Some would argue that Jollof is overrated, while we don’t agree with that school of thought we feel other local delicacies also need love. Local dishes like…


1. Starch and Owo:

This is a local dish from Delta state enjoyed by its indigenes. Apparently, some Deltans would choose this dish over Jollof rice any day any time.


2. Amala and Ewedu:

This has to be the most popular Yoruba dish and even the Igbo’s who claim to loathe ‘draw soup’ always gobble this dish down when they get a chance to. The Oyo people claim they make the best Amala in Nigeria


3. Pounded Yam and Afang Soup:

This popular dish is believed to be owned by the Calabar people of Nigeria but the Akwa Ibom people beg to differ and they say they are the original owners. While they keep debating on who owns the staple dish, we can all agree that the soup is to die for.


4. Yellow Eba and Ofe Oha: Yellow Eba has to be the best type of eba used for swallow, it’s even better than ijebu garri when used for eba purposes. The eastern Nigerians love their nutritious Oha soup and many would choose it over jollof rice because of it’s heaviness and texture.

5. Bread and Ewa Agonyi:

You probably didn’t know this but Agonyi beans isn’t also a Nigerian food either. It’s from the Yoruba tribe in Benin republic but like Jollof rice it has come to stay and it’s also enjoyed by all..


6. Masa and Suya:

A Hausa man that doesn’t enjoy Masa(weina) and Suya, is that one a Hausa man? Quick fact: There are many people in the north who haven’t tasted jollof rice before so they literally would choose Masa and Suya over Jollof rice.Another quick fact: The suya in the north isn’t half as good as the suya in Lagos.


7. Semo and Egusi:

Most of you think Semo is Nigerian but it actually isn’t, Well it kinda is though. Basically, Semo wasn’t eaten in Nigeria 50 years ago, it was introduced by people who travelled and came back. Egusi on the other hand has caused debate amongst Nigerians. The Igbos claim they are the owners while the Yoruba’s swear they are the ones who invented it.


8. Ukazi and Pounded Yam:

The eastern Nigerians “in the abroad” always say when they miss home and think about Nigerian dishes the first thing that pops into their mind is Ukazi soup. They say any girl who doesn’t know how to cook this soup shouldn’t call herself an igbo girl, apparently the igbo’s love this dish way more than jollof rice.

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