7 Different Bottom Wears That Go Well With Kurti

Kurti Leggings

A lot of people around the world wear kurti because they are comfortable and affordable. Kurti are easy to style and can be worn for various occasions. You can create a trend or a fashion statement by pairing your kurti with the right kind of pants.

Traditionally, the kurti was paired with salwar and churidar alone. Modern trends allow you to pair your kurti with any style pants. Pants transform your look from traditional fashion to a trendy fashion statement or street wear. You can pair your kurti with traditional pants and still obtain a fashion trend

Here are 7 types of pants you can pair with your kurti to look trendy



Leggings are a western- inspired outfit. They provide you with comfort and style. Leggings come in a variety of colors and hues. They can be worn by women of all sizes from full-figured to slim. Their elasticity is what makes them easy to wear, stylish and comfortable. You can style your leggings with midsized and long kurti. This style is comfortable for evening social meetings, long days at the office and

How to choose the right pair of leggings

Chose a fabric that is heavy and stretches enough, materials like rayon, Lycra and spandex are good materials for a long-lasting pair of leggings. Do not wear tight kurti and leggings because they show an overlay of your body which is disrespectful to the culture. Do not wear leggings with the same color of your kurta, unless they are both darker. Bright colors and same color prints may look odd and unfashionable. Do not wear leggings with waist sized-kurta. Leggings are tight on the skin and sometimes can be transparent.  Leggings work best with flared up kurtis. Create a different look with different length kurtis. Leggings plus midi sized kurta are good for running everyday errands while long kurta can be worn to dinners and formal events. Stylecaret has different length kurtis with exceptional material and design for any occasion.

Patiala pants

Patiala pants

Patiala pants originate from the Punjab. They are wide especially around the hips and have lots of pleats. They are traditional, respectful and comfortable. Their structure makes them convenient for the harsh summer weather. They are loose and allow circulation of air in your legs.

Initially, they were worn as traditional wear but now they are a fashion statement for young generations. They are versatile; you can wear them to festivals, school or while chilling at home.

How to style them

You can wear a Patiala with a waist or hip-sized kurti. Longer kurtis may hide the beauty of the pleats. Floral Patiala pants match with plain kurti to create a stylish streetwear.

Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants are fitting around the waist and have several pleats on the hips. The difference between dhoti and Patiala pants is the slim ankle and fitting waist design in the dhoti pants. The pleats are loose at the hip and disappear at the area close to the ankles.

What is a good dhoti look?

The dhoti salwar goes well with well-fitted kurti that is waist length. Avoid flaring kurti because they will contrast with the pleats in the dhoti. Most traditional dhoti pants have patterns and embroidery; pair them with a plain kurta for a stylish look. You can achieve a street fashion style by adding a leather jacket to the mix to make it a fashionable ensemble.


JeansJeans are a western trend that has been adopted among college students and everyday casual wear.  They are stylish and long-lasting and come in a variety of styles. Popular jeans include the low waist jeans, high waist, mom jeans and ripped jeans.

How to style jeans

Low waist and high waist skinny jeans are paired with all types of kurta. They go well with waist-length, hip length midi, and long kurta.

Low waist jeans can be paired with slit kurta to make an indo-western style. You can switch the lookup by wearing different colored jeans with block colored kurti. Add accessories to complete this casual look. Avoid wearing embellished kurti with patterned jeans; they are not flattering to the eye.

Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants

These pants are viewed as being more formal than casual. They are straight and outline the shape of your body without actually being tight. They also come in a variety of colors, embroideries, and patterns. Their hemline is just above the ankle. They are light, comfortable and stylish.

You can pair cigarette pants with hip-length flared kurti for a classic look. For a more modern look, pair a trail cut kurti with your cigarette pants. Choose a patterned or embroidered kurti with plain cigarette pants.

Palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are originally traditional wear from the 60’s. They are light-weight, comfortable and provide a breeze during the summer. They are made in a variety of materials, colors and embroidery. Materials include chiffon, silk, denim, and khadi. Select a printed palazzo with plain kurti for a bold fashion statement. Full sleeved straight cut kurta works well with a plan palazzo to create a stylish look for work. Wrap around palazzo go well with waist sized kurti.

You can make a palazzo party look by pairing them with peplum kurti, high neck kurti, and a kurti with long sleeves. For an elegant dress, pair a long side slit kurta with extra flared palazzo pants. You can accessorize with heels for social events and dinners

Salwar Aladdin pants

Salwar Aladdin pantsThey are extremely loose fitting up to the knees where they have narrow, tight hems. They fall long between the legs. Salwar Aladdin can be worn to casual events, festivals, college and while you are just relaxing.

You can wear salwar with a waist length straight cut kurti for the ultimate casual look. This look is stylish and comfortable and can be worn to college and some festive celebrations. Chose embroidered Aladdin pants and pair them with a plain kurti for a more traditional look.

Final word

Wearing kurtis with pants is stylish and provides comfort. This list is meant to guide you in choosing the right pair of pants to accessorize with your kurti. Play around with the designs, colors, and pattern to create attires that fit your style.


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