7 Critical Questions To Answer Before Going Into Marriage

First of all, What do we understand by marriage? Marriage is defined differently, and by different entities, based on cultural, religious and personal factors. Most people would say ‘Marriage is the joining together of a man and a woman to become husband and wife’. But that definition is just a surface of what marriage really is and what it’s about.

Marriage should not be based on the regular definition but rather on the in-depth factors of how one can really help and build a life with his/her partner. In the society today, before a man says he’s ready to get married he must have the finances to do so, he looks for a mother to his children (their children) and then a submissive woman who wouldn’t question him or his decisions as a man.

The ladies, on the other hand, mostly make their decisions based on finances, and of course love. The popular advice ‘in quote’ for the ladies that states  ‘Don’t marry a man you love but marry a man that loves you’ has gotten viral and has actually affected the minds of women because they tend to believe that’s what leads to a happy marriage.

Study shows that you don’t know you’re ready to get married until you’re actually married.” Everything you think you know about marriage flies out the window once you’re actually married. But of course there are some personal intuitions one has to have to know they’re ready to get married. What are these personal intuitions to know if you’re ready for Marriage or not?.

7 Personal questions you need to answer to know if you’re ready for marriage or not


  1. Do we love ourselves as much as we say it?

 In every relationship, we tend to say I Love You a lot but now the real question is do our actions really say that?. Are we really ready to sacrifice a whole lot for our partner? Can we stand all the flaws and shortcomings of our partner?

  1. Do I really trust my partner?

Insecurities are the fastest bullets to kill a relationship. Can you stay a day or two without doubting your partner?

  1. Am I attracted to my partner?

Some would say attraction is based on lust or the flesh but that’s untrue as every relationship needs an attraction drive for both partners. You need to be attracted to your man or woman not just physically but mentally so as to avoid any unwanted comparisons with other people.

  1. Are we on the same track?

Most couples tend to have discussions on how they want their future to be and plan together towards it. If your partner avoids discussions on marriage, children and his/her intentions towards the future with you in it then you need to check yourself and know what you’re doing in the relationship. If you’re not headed in the same direction it’s best you call it a quit.

  1. Am I Still Who I am?

A lot of people tend to change their identities i.e character, the way they dress, what they love doing, their religions and beliefs just to please their partner in the name of love. They forget the things they love and cherish and completely become different people. If your partner claims to love you and cannot accept you as you are then there is something wrong about that relationship.

  1. Why Exactly am I in this relationship?

If you check and realize you’re in a relationship because you just respect the person or you ‘think’ you love the person, you pity the person or because of materialistic factors then you’re in for a long run to a failing relationship. And that means you’re not ready to build a life with your partner.

  1. Is this Going to help me Grow?

Toxic relationships reduce your ability to grow mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. So what’s a relationship if there’s no growth? Do you see yourself with someone who doesn’t have the same dreams with you or is willing to help you build on those dreams?

If you were able to answer those questions then you’re ready for marriage. There are more questions but these are major factors you need to consider before going into marriage.

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