7 Nigerian Artistes You Should Feature If You Want Your Song To Be A Hit

Tiwa SavageWhen it comes to featuring artistes on your track, odikwa very risky because that artist can either make your song sweeter, break your song, or totally overshadow your own performance.

However, there are a few artistes who are known to always put in work and so far, have a 100% success rate of making your song better with them on it. Below are 7 artistes you should feature on your track if you want it to be a sweet, sweet jam.


This goes without saying as ever since his appearance on M.I’s “Fast Money, Fast Cars” and then his own debut album “Superstar,” the following years after were literally dubbed ‘The Year of Wizkid’ because over 20 artistes featured him and as you would have guessed, the songs were all smash hits. Since then, our own starboy has become one of the most featured and highly sought after acts to feature on a track. I mean, even Drake and Beyonce did a collabo with him.


As with his greatest rival, Davido is also another highly sought after artiste that everyone wants to feature. Although he doesn’t have as many features as Wizkid (which may be due in part to the rumour that he doesn’t charge for features but agrees to collabo only if a video for the song will be made), he is still one of the best act to feature basically because of the energy he brings to the song. Mafikazolo and other acts that have featured him are all proof of Davido’s prowess.

Tiwa Savage

Amazing vocals, soft, soothing, and still getting the adrenaline rushing through your brain. Those are the effects you get when you feature Tiwa Savage on your song. And it’s only fair because she used to do vocals for Mary J Blige, Kelly Clarkson and many other world-renowned artistes. Her ability to fit into any song is what gets me the most and she makes it seem effortless. Her verses in Reekado Banks’ “Like” and Korede Bello’s “Romantic” were by far my fav.


It goes without saying that he is the rapper everyone would rather have on their song. M.I’s ability to go all out on your track is something that has kept him at number 1 in the industry for years. In Phyno’s “Link Up”, M.I proved that he could do it all; rap fast or slow as the tempo dictates. His verses in songs like “Overkilling”, “Nobody Test Me”, and many others are still fan-favourites.

Phyno x Olamide

Yea, I know I put them together but that’s only because they feature themselves a lot and we absolutely love them. The bring the same effect to any song they are featured in; an indigenous feel that every tribe and race can vibe to. And anytime they feature themselves, their songs are nothing short of awesome!!!


The music maestro has proven in just a couple of features that he is one artiste that everyone should better do a collabo with. He has this amazing ability to hook you with his voice. I don’t think I have ever skipped a song I heard Brymo singing in, and a lot of people agreed with me; they’d wait to at least, hear his voice. Hearing his voice on Ice Prince’s “Oleku” and M.I’s “Action Film” was probably what got everyone hooked on those two songs in the first place.

Don Jazzy

This may surprise many of you, but Don Jazzy is actually one artiste that I strongly believe everyone should feature. Coupled with the fact that he does vocals for every song he produces, he is also one artiste (producer) that has proven time and time again how great he is at singing, even though he doesn’t want to give us an album. Songs like “Eminado”, “Skelemba”, “Pere” (Mo’Hits version) and other songs he has a verse on are enough proof, no?

Do you agree with the list or do you think there’s an artist that should be removed/put on the list? Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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