5 Popular Gadgets in the 1990s/2000s that have now Become Almost Extinct

Remember when the one thing you wanted as a birthday present or Christmas gift was an iPod? Yeah I remember that as well. I was strolling by memory lane the other day and decided to compile a list of the gadgets we could not do without then but hardly ever think of now. Funny right?!

iPod: One of the first devices released by Apple in 2001, iPods were a huge part of any “happening” teenager and young adult. The fact that you could store music and pictures in them made even more appealing. Though Apple has not stopped producing and selling them, the novelty for them soon waned off with the invention of smartphones.

iTouch: iTouch was sort of an upgrade of the iPod. It does almost the same thing that the iPod does but with more ease. Also, the sleek design and the touch screen made it stand out from the iPod. Like the iPod, they have almost fizzled out as people don’t buy them as much as they used to.

Walkman: Before iPod and iTouch, there was the walkman. The walkman was manufactured by Sony in the 1970s and became increasingly popular up until the mid 2000s. They are used to play cassette and tapes. They fizzled out in the mid 2000s but still remain a dire part of our growing up. Sony even released a new version of their walkman earlier this month.

DISCMAN: With the invention of CDs in the 1980s, Sony had to keep up by producing the Discman. It has the same functions as the walkman. For those of you who still have the discman stored up somewhere at home, I’m sure you’re going to pick it up and listen to a few jams now that I’ve jolted your memory of it.

VCR Players: Remember those bulky video cassettes? If you do, then you must remember they went into the VCR players. Also known as videocassette records, VCR players were established in 1956 and became very popular around the 1980s and 1990s. Of course they have largely faded into oblivion with the invention of CD players and streaming websites like Netflix.

Did any of the above items take you down memory lane? They sure did for me. What other gadgets did you use back in the days and you no longer use at the moment because technology?


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