6 Ways to Survive Harmattan this Season

Harmattan is the winter of Nigeria. Just the way many people dread winter in other countries, it’s no different in Nigeria as the season comes in with common health issues like cold, dry skin, cracked lips, sneezing and running nose. We’ve put together 6 easy tips to on how to survive harmattan in Nigeria, you’re welcome *wink wink*

  • Moisturise

    Skin moisturisers are a must during this season. They increase the skin’s water content by reducing evaporation. Moisturisers are made to make the outer layer of the skin softer and flexible and this helps prevent skin cracks.

  • Increase Fluid Intake

    It is important to increase the amount of fluid and fruits (watermelon etc.) taken especially during this period. Staying hydrated keeps the skin refreshed and glowing while helping the body function optimally.

  • Protect your nose

    Yes, catarrh is in the air. This season breeds a lot of dust. You’ll clean your house now and in the next 5mins it’s like you’ve been away for 5yrs. Avoid dusty environment and ensure your nose is protected whenever you are out. If this is not do-able for you, then its time to be besties with vitamin-C.

  • Vitamin-C

    A regular dose of vitamin C is your best guard against flu and common cold attacks. Ensure your diet contains vitamin C rich oranges, guava, peppers, melons and tomatoes. Take a lot of fruits, vegetables and supplements rich in vitamin C to reduce your chances of having a ruined Christmas because of flu.

  • Lip Balms (and/or Vaseline)

    Nigerian mothers have refused to joke with the main product of the season, the almighty Vaseline. Please raise your hand (or comment lol) if your mother covered you in Vaseline when you were younger?! This product has saved so many mothers from the trauma of taking their kids to the hospital. A big jar of Vaseline will go a long way for you and your kids. Oh and the best part, you can use it anywhere, lips, body, feet!

  • Warm clothes

    Some parts of Nigeria get really cold this season, and this is one opportunity for us to finally dust out our jumpers and bomber jackets! Lol! Be sure to stay warm this harmattan season and have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

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