Vibe List: 6 Strange Sexual Practices From Around The World

Sex and its practices is always a very controversial topic in Nigeria. From the number of babymamas our favourite celebrities have – and are still having, to Bobrisky bringing a totally different spin on the whole sex issue (a spin which some have even termed “inspiring”,) to the many slanders sex has caused on various social media platforms and the likes of Joro.

Now, even though Nigeria is just becoming a “more liberal” nation when it comes to the idea of sex and its practices, there are some societies out there with sexual traditions that make us look like innocent prudes. Note that some of these cultures no longer exist, but still, here are 6 strange sexual practices from around the world:

New Guinea

Papau New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet with 848 different languages and as many traditional societies. The tribe is known for becoming sexually active at a young age. Girls often start having sex by the age of 6 to 8, while boys start at 10 to 12, with no social stigma (I mean, eww! Just ewww!)

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, sex was more like a culture as evident in the thought that the flow of the river Nile was caused by their god of creation’s ejaculation. This idea caused the pharaohs to ritually masturbate into the Nile to ensure a wealth of water for crops. Also, during the Egyptian festival of the god Min – a representation of the pharaoh’s sexual power – men regularly masturbated in public.


In Indonesia, there is a celebration called Pon (I know right!!). Pon is held seven times in a year and during the highly anticipated event, participants travel to a sacred mountain on the island of Java to perform a ceremony of good luck and fortune through sex. Participants have to spend the night and have intercourse with someone other than their wife or husband (talk about cheating without cheating). It is said that their wishes of good luck will only come true if they have sex with the same person at all seven celebrations throughout the year.


The Deer Horn Muria are a forest-dwelling tribe who live deep in Central India’s Chhattisgarh region. They practice something called Ghotul, in which they mingle teenage men and women to teach them songs, lore, tribal dance… and sex. At night, they engage in ceremonial orgies and girls drink a natural liquor as an herbal contraceptive and then choose different sexual partners every night (wouldn’t guys just love this? fee sex with no pregnancy scare!). If the herbal drink doesn’t work and the girl becomes pregnant, the entire village will adopt the baby since no one knows for sure who the father is. Talk about pleasure without any stress!


In the populated Himalayas, the scarce lands available for farming and grazing causes families to find a single wife for all the sons in a family so that there wouldn’t be any need to divide the already small plot of land (which would be the case if the men married different women)

New Guinea….. Again!

The sexual practices from the Sambian tribe are a tad bit more extreme than normal. Boys from Sambian society are removed from the presence of females at the age of seven and are made to live in a community of only males for 10 years. Their skin is pierced to remove “contamination” brought upon by interaction with women, and they consume large amounts of sugarcane to incur nose-bleeding and vomiting. They drink the semen of their elders to retain growth, strength, and sexual potency, and when they are reintroduced to society, they continue their nose-bleeding habit to mirror their wives’ menstrual cycle.

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