6 reasons why your girlfriend has an assistant boyfriend ?‍♀️

There’s no nice way to put this. If you have recently noticed that your babe’s not been giving the same energy that you are used to, chances are, you’ve screwed up and she is splitting the energy between yourself and your new personal assistant.

Could this be entirely your fault? Maybe not, but it is wise to be sure that you are not guilty of these 6 reasons below.


Every girl wants to spend quality time with her man. I understand that you cannot be with her all the time but a girl knows when you are truly busy and when you are simply avoiding her. Find ways to fill in the gap when you are not physically there.


This may sound conflicting with the first reason but it is not news that we women are beautifully complicated.

Shower her with all the love but do it in healthy doses. Every girl wants to feel in control of her individuality even though she is in a relationship. Why would you leave her 19 missed calls in the space of 20 minutes? Allow her breathe or she will find oxygen elsewhere.

Low Self Esteem:

Lack of self-confidence can be very disastrous and is even worse if your girl suffers the same plight. Know your worth and display your price tag. If you cannot convince yourself that you are good enough, how then will you be good enough for her?


A girl who has decided to be with you expects a certain level of commitment. If you do not meet up to the standards you both set at the beginning of the relationship, best believe she has her eyes out for someone else who will.


If you naturally have a short-fused temper, address it before entering any form of relationship. Nobody wants to be with a person who hits them or hits other people. Even though you have never hit her, she is keeping tabs of all the items you broke during the fight you both had. This kind of attitude will lead her to run away from you (as it should) and cause her to lean on shoulders that definitely do not belong to you.

Not hitting it right or not hitting it enough ?:

If your relationship is sexual by nature, you might want to be sure that you are doing everything right. Ask questions to be certain that you are both on the same page because if you are not, my dear brother, someone else is on that chapter with you. You should also understand that women love sex: lots of it. If the frequency has waned and she has never pointed it out, you need to be sure someone else is not putting the hours in on your behalf.

If these reasons feel familiar, you might want to retrace your steps and plug the loophole but if it is too late, I guess the advice would be to prevent a reoccurrence in your next relationship.

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