6 reasons why girls are crazy about Runtown’s Mad Over You

Runtown randomly dropped a gem on the ladies and a strain on all our repeat buttons. There’s no contesting the fact that “Mad Over You” is a jam for daaaayyyysss. From the nectar sweet instrumentation to his “Mr steal your girl” vocals, to everything else, Pana definitely got a befitting contender for Best Song of 2016.

Just in case you are wondering why the female gender is intensely obsessed with this hit, it is probably because of these 6 reasons.

  • The deep melody of the song in general warms the eggs in our ovaries. If there are musical note combinations that are specific for stirring pleasant emotions in women, Mad Over You probably used it up.
Mad Over You
When Mad Over You starts playing
  • Every girl wants to hear about someone being mad over them. Girls who have bae can self dedicate the song to themselves while the single pringle ones like me  can pretend that our imaginary bae is singing to us.


  • There is nothing a girl loves more than being pampered and suffocated with pleasure by her man and Runtown sure puts that in a “sexy as hell” way.

 “…And if she follow me go, na enjoyment go kill am o”

  • It is really a refreshing break from a lot of other songs that overly address us sexually. Of course some of the lyrics contain “body” and “wind” but it also talks about how “She” is a superwoman and how he wants to sing for her… At least we now know some of Runtown’s pickup lines.


  •  A perfect track for flirting with bae, singing along with bae, twerking for bae, grinding on bae, *cough cough* with bae (For married people only lmao)…You can even dab to it. *wipes happy tear*
  • It makes a great wedding song!!!

Del B definitely deserves a shout for this sick production. Let us not even go into how dapper Runtown looked while strutting down the isle of umbrellas in the video. If you haven’t seen it, you’re welcome ;).

You can watch here!



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