6 Pastries All Nigerians Must Try Before The Year Runs Out

Because pastry is bae

The year is quickly coming to an end and we believe the best way to end it is by giving yourself a treat, a pastry treat. If you have a food bucket list then every pastry mentioned below should be on the list. Also, if you’re a foodie and you haven’t tasted at least 4 of the pastries below then you should upgrade your list.

Below are 6 pastries we recommend you sink your teeth into before 2017 runs out.


This new invention is allegedly one of the sweetest savory Nigerian pie in existence. Allegedly invented by Chef Eros who owns Cookie Jar, this pie happens to be one of their best selling pie. Though a bit too crusty, the pie tastes sinfully delicious and we guarantee it would tantalize your pallets. If you want to have a taste of this amazing pie, visit any Cookie Jar restaurant.


This is another pastry trend that’s beginning to slowly grow in Nigeria. If you’re in the fitfam family and you want a quality and sinfully delicious pastry that doubles as a candy, I recommend you get yourself some quality cake pops. The best cake pops in Lagos are made by a pastry delivery store called Tina Joes Bakery. Her White chocolate Red velvet cake pops are second to none.


If you call yourself a foodie and you haven’t tasted cheesecake before quickly give yourself like 5 slaps. Now, run to the nearest Orchid Bistro and Lucious Desserts and order for any cheesecake garnished with strawberries. I’m not going to talk about it here, I’d prefer you taste it and let the cake do the talking for itself.


I’ve had quite a few Victorian spongecakes in my lifetime and though I feel their ice creams are overly priced, I’d have to say Hans and Rene’s Victorian sponge cake is an experience your taste buds must partake in. The cake is so soft and moist that it makes other spongecakes seem like rocks and the way the flavours explode in your mouth, it’s more than words can tell.


First of all #TeamPancake, but on the days I feel like swinging towards the waffle territory, it has to be a Belgian waffle or nothing and the only place I’d consider buying it from is from Waffle house. If you’re going to get toppings on your waffle it has to be chocolate toppings with nuts. Thank me later.


Any pastry that has cinnamon in it is an automatic win for me. Those who have tried the Cinnamon doughnut from Nuts About Cakes will testify that their doughnut is PENG AF. If you’re the type that lacks self-control then you should stay away from this treat because it’s close to impossible to eat just one piece and not ask for more.

I wanted to add cupcakes to this list but everyone has tasted cupcakes, but then again ‘cupcake pass cupcake’. My favourite cupcakes are from Tina Joes Cakes. Where do you get your cupcakes from?

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