6 Part-Time Jobs Upcoming Musicians Can Do To Earn A Living

Before you decided to venture into/pursue music, you must have already known that the big bucks wasn’t going to start rolling in immediately (unless you are an O.B.O, ofcourse). It’s a well known fact that until you can earn a living being a full-time musician, you’ll need to do some other things on the side to help pay the bills and supplement your income.

To do this, you need to find flexible jobs that wouldn’t encroach on your studio time or other music-related things like gigs, tours, and writing, while helping you be a little financially stable.

The 6 jobs below can help you work part-time as a musician before you start earning a full time living with your music career.

Sound technician

One of the best female musicians in the country, Simi, started out as a sound engineer. So learning all about sound tech and using the knowledge practically, is another way you can make money on a part-time basis.

A lot of music venues, studios, event centres and even churches, are always in need of people who know their way around things entailing sound technology. Or if you are the kind that loves to travel, you can reach out to touring agencies like Glo Fest, Star Trek, and others like that to work for them during the tour.

Uber/Taxify driver

If you have a car, then being an Uber/Taxify driver certainly can’t hurt your chances of making money at all. If anything, it’s a really decent way to make some side cash. You get to choose your own time, and you don’t have to report to anyone. It’s pure convenience and a good way to make money part-time.

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