The 6-part Anatomy of Terry Apala’s “Champagne Shower”

Champagne Shower
Terry Apala Champagne Shower

Despite my affection for Hiphop and the other usual culprits, I have always had some secret love for Fuji and Apala. A little Pasuma here, a little Obesere there but the only full Fuji album I ever heard was whichever one that had Wasiu Ayinde’s “Solo Makinde” and my engagement was a passive one because it originally always played  from Iya Tanwa’s room right opposite my year 2000 Somolu home.

Cut to 16 years later, I hear a music cocktail that gives me a lingering auditory orgasm.

Here is the only way I can describe how I felt the first day I heard Terry Apala’s Champagne Shower. It was like my favourite local snack had gotten a shiny new pack and now came in a different flavour after undergoing some intense re-branding.( and yes I am aware of my weird analogies -_-)

I find it hard to believe that it has been months since this single dropped but it only goes to prove that good music remains fresh; never needing preservatives. Terry definitely put some thought into these six parts that pronounce “Champagne Shower” as a sublime work of art and of course,a definite club banger.


Sess’ Problematic Beat

Sess needs to be arrested for putting too much “dopeness” in one beat and Terry “sniffed/smoked” it all up. How the melody matches the grime feel is so inexplicable. There’s this part that make me just wanna burst into Eminem’s hook on “Forgot about Dre”.


Such Creative Fusion

What Terry Apala has done with Champagne Shower is very reminiscient of Jayz and Linkin’ Park’s “hiprock” Collision Course album. Achieving a seamless output when 2 unlikely genres are woven together is never easy but he pulled it off with Trap and Apala; superbly blending an extremely urban form of hiphop with an ancient Yoruba style. One word: genius! I feel like he should own his own special genre you know…Trap+ Apala =  Trapala  *shrugs*


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A Two-Edged Theme

It is not just enough to fuse 2 genres. Finding a common ground that will accommodate the listening needs of both unique audiences is just as crucial as promotional strategies. Except of course you have intentions of listening alone…which is also valid to be honest. lol.

Whether it is the thug at the busstop or the CEO in an ocean-view office, one thing that everyone almost everyone understands is the good life which is everything that Champagne Shower is about. Even making it broader and relatable is the use of specific elements that the participating audiences can associate with. So instead of just singing about the bourgie milk of success (Champagne duh), Terry also talks about enjoying Eja Kika toh taa pelu Eja Sawa (fairly cheap but tasty types of  fish usually prepared using a local smoking method and drowned in lots of pepper) .


Suitable Lyrics

I am quite impressed that from start to finish, I do not hear any nasty attempt to force a clueless slang down my throat. Terry keeps it simple and comprehensive; sometimes using pidgin to help non-Yoruba listeners to get a grasp of what he is saying. He talks about very many different trends (Alcohol, nightlife, food, freedom, wealth, drugs, girls, fashion, God etc) but in healthy tiny doses. The most captivating line for me is one where he beckons on girls to join his feast as he likens the roller coaster nature of success to food that is bound to go bad after a certain period of time if not eaten.


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Amazing Vocal Texture

To be honest, there is a thin line between the prime vocal strength for fuji/apala and noise and Terry is on the safe side of the fence. His vocal texture is the right amount of raspy, making his words fairly audible and the song, enjoyable. His vocals on Champagne shower are very technical due to the pace of his lyrics yet he flexes on the beat like it’s nothing.


Very Befitting video

Club scene, smoky atmosphere, champagne actually showering, numerous derrieres twerking in slow mo’, not too much glamour and not too little grit and grime…The video perfectly matches and illustrates every acre of emotion present in this tune.

For a minute, when I first heard this song, I thought it would be impossible to release a deserving follow up but I was wrong. After listening to his other offerings, I hereby give my verdict. The Nigerian Music Industry has a jewel sitting in its lap and he goes by the name Terry Apala…

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