6 Luxury Travel Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Think

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Nyssa P. Chopra, a world-renowned lawyer, humanitarian, writer, and travel blogger said that “Luxury travel is about the experience, not just the appearance.

Luxury travel may be glamorous, but not always meaningful. Local culture may not always be glamorous, but it’s always meaningful.” Her statement seems to resonate to a lot of travellers nowadays who realized the importance of travelling more for their overall well-being.

But there are still several people who are afraid to travel because of budget constraints, thinking that they could never afford a trip to any of the world’s best travel destinations. If you are one of those who are hoping to enjoy a luxurious getaway, here are the best travel destinations that will not put a huge dent in your pockets.

Marfa, Texas, USA

Hollywood A-listers like Matthew McConaughey and Beyonce often head to this highly remote small desert town east of the US-Mexico border to enjoy some peace. This is also the perfect place to camp out and enjoy the great outdoors.

The tiny town is also known as an arts hub because of its numerous exhibit halls such as the former gasoline station-turned-exhibit hall called the Marfa Contemporary as well as the Ballroom Marfa. Plenty of artists are also living in the area, making it one of the favourite destinations of local and foreign tourists alike. While the rich and famous can afford to land on the private airstrip in town, regular travellers can take a scenic road trip to reach Marfa.

Those staying in hotels located near and around the Port of Galveston can enjoy a nine-and-a-half hour ride towards the secluded desert, while those who will start their journey in San Antonio may bask in the beauty of the Texan country road through a five-hour journey. Despite the long ride, visitors will be rewarded with a peaceful but enjoyable stay in this part of Texas.

Expect to spend approximately $38 (13,719.90 NGN) for dinner for two. Budget travellers can also enjoy a comfortable stay in the city for $100.58 (36,313.69 NGN). More intimate accommodation options are also available in the city.

Antalya, Turkey

The tourism industry of Turkey reached a low point after the country encountered years of political unrest and terror threats. Yet it is slowly getting its groove back particularly in the city of Antalya. Also known as the Turkish Riviera, the resort city is filled with lots of yacht and five-star hotels all over its beaches. But if you want to do other activities aside from lounging on the shores, you can also visit some of the most amazing historical places in the city like the preserved Stadium of Perge and the ancient ruined city of Aspendos.

Despite the luxurious accommodations in Antalya, you don’t have to spend all your hard-earned money on your Turkish holiday since the prices of the hotels and resorts are at their lowest rates. Several five-star hotels like the Crowne Plaza Antalya and The Marmara Antalya will only cost you $300 (108000 NGN) per night.

Cairo, Egypt

The Business Insider placed Egypt in the first spot in the list of top destinations for luxury travellers in 2019. Based on the report, the world’s billionaires are willing to spend a lot of money cruising between the cities of Aswan and Luxor via the Nile to see the numerous archaeological areas and ancient tombs and temples that dot the area. The worlds’ richest are also expected to visit the Pyramids of Giza, which is one of the existing Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

To be able to bask in its full glory, luxury travellers are choosing to stay in the country’s capital Cairo where loads of luxury hotels and entertainment centres can be found. But do not be discouraged if you want to see the ancient Egyptian city on a budget. You’ll still get to enjoy all of these attractions without breaking the bank. The average budget for an affordable daily tour in Egypt only costs $22 (7943.10 NGN), while eating three affordable meals per day will only cost you $6 (2168.1).

Nairobi, Kenya

Those who want to experience the real African safari without worrying about the budget should go to Kenya. This beautiful country offers a lot of incredibly scenic spots, including the plains of the Masaai Mara as well as the country’s pristine coastlines of Watamu and Diani Beach.

But if you want to see the majestic wildlife without going too far away from the airport, you can visit the Nairobi National Park where cheetahs, lions, giraffes, and rhinos roam freely amidst the incredible city skyline. You may also spend more time at the trendy cafes and Instagram-friendly rooftop bars in this colourful city.

A daily budget of $45 (16251.1 NGN) is sufficient to live comfortably in Kenya. You can also opt to get budget accommodation worth $18 (6498.90 NGN) per person per day.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

If you want to have a never-ending view of unbelievable landscapes and experience the unique and colourful African culture, then Ethiopia would be the best destination for you. This up and coming luxury travel spot is the home of the Erta Ale volcano, the gigantic Lake Tana with ancient churches, as well as the habitat of rare wildlife that can be seen at the Simien Mountains National Park.

To start your Ethiopian luxury vacation on the right foot, you must begin at the sprawling capital city of Addis Ababa. The city is known for its excellent jazz scene that appeals to music lovers all over the world. You can also get to enjoy one of the world’s best coffees in the local coffee chain called Tomoca that has several branches around the city. You only need to set aside $24 (8666.1 NGN) per day to roam comfortably and spend $10 (3611.1 NGN) for three square meals in Ethiopia.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Tourists are more commonly drawn to the luxurious villas in Bali, but there is another place in Indonesia where you can experience the most memorable trip of your life. Raja Ampat is situated off the coastal shores of West Papua, and you can swim with a diverse school of fish or take your time while watching the sunset slowly over the horizon. While there are lots of high-end resorts and hotels all over the island, you can still have a posh yet affordable stay at hotels like the TeraAilan Heritage Resort for only $27.50 (9900 NGN).

Luxury travelling does not have to be very expensive if you know where to go. By researching which places offer the best views and attractions without costing a lot of money, you will be able to enjoy a vacation that you have been dreaming of. Remember, travelling has a lot of positive effects on your mind and body, so book your next trip to any of these locations as soon as possible.

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