6 Lessons I Learnt From The Beach And Its Waves


Every morning on my way to work, I have the sheer privilege of  riding along a portion of the Atlantic ocean shoreline and I must say it has been as pleasurable as much as it has been therapeutic and life-changing for me.

It would be selfish to not share some of the life lessons this simple routine has taught me so, here goes.

1. It’s okay to fall as long as you rise again: Just as it is with everything else on earth, the climb to success involves a lot of falling. The beach wave does not care what people will say. The beach wave is not ashamed to pick up from where it left off. Everytime the beach wave falls, it rises again. Rise, fall, rise and repeat.

2. Purge yourself of impurities regularly: According to science, a dead body in a water body must always float to the top. Many times, waves wash the body ashore, just like it does to plastic,  glass and other waste in the water. With no intention to mortify you with the corpse talk, this just means we should learn to consciously develop a system where we purge ourselves of bad thoughts, habits emotions and anything that has no positive contribution to our wellbeing.

3. A time to be intense, a time to be calm: On most days, the beach has the right amount of wind and sunlight. On some other days, it is calm and refreshing but on a few occasions, it rages hard, only to return to calm. What this teaches me is to be unapologetically expressive, while still being in control of my emotions.

4. Be so cool that everyone wants to hang around you: The beach has served as a perfect getaway and chillout fun spot for many centuries and it might not live that reputation down anytime soon. This helps me want to be as receptive and fun as possible so I can be a human haven for my family and my friends.

5. Be immortal, be timeless: On Kanye West’s Life Of Pablo Album, Chris Brown rightly sings that “Waves don’t die”. This has got me thinking lately. What kind of legacy will I leave behind that will outlive me?

6. Be therapeutic: From grounding to PTSD management, the therapeutic benefits of the beach are innumerable to count. Whether it is with a kind word, a nice gesture or a hand of help held out to someone in need, there are very many ways that we can heal the people around us everyday.


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