6 Guidelines To Follow In Joining The Hot Body Summer Gang


There has been an uproar this past summer about Hot girls and Hot boys taking over various cities all over the world; it created a frenzy and pushed various people to the gym to achieve their summer body before the holiday ends and others to hiss and continue their various habits all the while justifying their motives, because fitness will always be there and ‘no be today it start’.

I am here to tell you that your procrastinated summer body that has been shifted to 2020 can still be achieved this year and you don’t have to cry much about the process but rather have a change of mind and join in the train to a healthy and long life.

Many of us registered in various gyms with a fitness routine after deciding to join the Fitfam family and quit before or after getting what the results they wanted and we ended up going back to what habits got us to the gym in the first place with excuses that ‘we did not kill anyone so why should we die?’

There are easy steps that will, and can, help you achieve that desired body of yours; I honestly know that the main issue isn’t actually doing the work but actually starting and having the will power to continue. Even if you ask fitness enthusiast, they will attest to the fact that once you have successfully mastered that art to keep going and not quit until you’ve got what you want, no cap, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!

Getting fit quick and leaving will not last long and at the end of the day you will have to drag yourself back, so why not get it right and keep going? If indeed you want to look a desired way or want to get old with a strong and healthy body then pay ATTENTION to these 6 basic guidelines I highly recommend and watch the receipts role in.

Make The Decision

First thing you have to do is willingly acknowledge the fact that you do need to get fit, this is the most important guideline because no matter how many routines you have lined up, gym clothes are ready for use or any other step you plan to take to live a healthier life; it all boils down to YOU deciding to do it and actually sticking through it although it seems or is hard. This will help you remain focused throughout your journey.

Reason For Exercise

The reason behind your decision to stay healthy is imperative because it is easy to see a little bit of progress in whatever area you desire to look trim, or feel your overall body getting toned and quit since you feel you’ve got what you want; that’s not how it works. The fact that you love how you look after working out should be your reason to continue and keep that good feeling coming through.

Set Goals

Before taking that final step you have to put down your goals and be as specific and realistic as possible, this will help you remain focused on your goal during the time you’ve given yourself to achieve this. You know your body and what it can take more than anyone else, only pick routines that are feasible to your daily schedule and physical limits so you don’t end up worn out and unable to finish the goal for the day.

Good Food = Good Mood

This the part everyone dreads when dieting, the fact that they have to give up their favourite meals because they just found it does more harm than good, but coincidentally brings them more joy than pain. It might be hard having to give up several carb-loaded foods when trying to get fit or maintain a particular figure, but I’m here to tell you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

You have to start by setting some rules about the food you take in and the time of eating, alongside food portions per day. You should start by eliminating late-night eating and put a time to when your last meal of the day should be taken. If you need something to nibble on there should be healthy snacks that will ease the need for food available. Also, you should spread out the meals you eat per day and have smaller portions instead of eating it all at once.

Once you have started eliminating the unhealthy food and replacing it with healthier versions, you are allowed to have yourself a cheat day once a week but not one that you will take advantage of but just the right amount to keep your mind and body at ease before deciding whether or not you want to totally eliminate unhealthy food from your meal plan.

Workout Buddy

You should find someone or people that are on the same workout journey as yourself, this helps when one of the buddies hits that point where they start becoming tired and try to start skipping out on their routines, the other buddy helps and motivates their buddy to keep going because the journey isn’t over and vice versa. They help you as much as you are helping them and ultimately make exercising more fun and engaging.

Keep Upgrading

Once you’ve started your work out and healthy lifestyle it is important to keep your ears to the ground to get the latest developments and advancements in your routine; you can decide to switch things up or move on to better workouts that help achieve your goals. Also check out various fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, Fitbod, Keelo etc, to have records for your achievements and progress.

The end goal is a long and healthy Life, all you have to do is take one step at a time and you will achieve your body goals! #Fitfam


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