The 6 components making us high on Ycee’s Juice

I am officially late to this Juice party but as it stands, I might be the last to leave. I’m not sure why it took a whole month for this song to grow on me but then let’s just say issa creepup effect. Even Toolz felt the same way a few weeks ago… (Hmm, explains why we are birthday mates… no?)


Right now as we speak, the Nigerian National anthem on Snapchat and IG  is “too much juice, too much sauce.?” Now you’re wondering… How did Juice just take over the wheels; pushing IF to the passenger’s seat and Mad Over you to the trunk? I hope I do my best to help you understand but let’s talk about Ycee for a minute.
This is me being ridiculously honest. When I first heard Juice, I laughed as soon as Ycee pitched. I mean he did quite well at it (except of course you were expecting a guest feature from Whitney Houston) but it was quite strange. It became even stranger when I did not hear any rap but here’s the plot twist. I am very thankful for Ycee’s open mindedness. At some point in “Nigerian” hip-hop, it was like a felony to do a song like Juice as a rapper. They will say Biggie haf finish the juice since Juicy (1994). They will say ees moi-moi you are wrapping. (Dead? Okay moving on lol)
Now, Ycee is not in any way a sloppy rapper. He may not be bothered about rapping about the exchange rate or dropping bars that remind you of one struggle ( he probably didn’t grow up on that side of life). But when it comes to creativity, delivery and the rest of the pack, he does his homework.
With Juice, Ycee redefined the word versatility and he couldn’t have picked better buddies to go on this adventure with him- Adey and Maleek Berry.

Moving on to why we are really here, (Pheew, long ass intro) here’s my opinion on what makes Juice utterly intoxicating.

  • Smartly Themed
    Some of the most commercially successful songs lately (Pana, Mad Over You, If, etc)all have one thing in common: Idolizing women. Juice followed suit and it was sure a good choice.

  • Epic pop catchphrases
    Using the sing-along trick of repetition, Ycee turned the two words that currently encode the idea of cool into an infectious hook.

Too much juice,too much sauce
Too much sauce, too much juice (x4)

  • Lyrics with a dash of bad behaviour and ego on the side
    While Ycee is trying to woo a girl, he is still tripping on his ego; reminding her of one important thing - he is the wanted one. So, baby girl, compose. He's turning down other girls for your sake even when he doesn't have to. Lol such cockiness.Maleek Berry is there promising one girl that he will love her because she let him enter lmao. Such bad behaviour... Sexy...but bad behaviour regardless. (You did not hear this from me but some girls sha like a dose of respectful nasty talk).
You better be talking about her heart Maleek!


  • Adey is not from around here.
Adey, the genius behind Juice instrumental

I don't know too much about creating instrumentals so this review will be messy with my emotions ('cos damn right I am about to explain how the beat feels). In all its simplicity, you can tell that less is truly more. The chord progressions are so jivy, hip and soothing at the same damn time. The beat drop is sick AF, the sound choice is so happy and endearing and there's this base line that tickles a yet-to-be-mapped part of my brain...Too too dope.

  • You know Berry's got the juice...
    You know that orgasm that is like 10 seconds longer than usual? That's the only way I can describe the aura of Maleek Berry's verse. I'm not even surprised. This kind of sound is Berry's abode so it must have come almost effortless to him.

  • Adlibsssssss
    I wish I could explain how Maleek's back up vocals and adlibs make me feel without sounding disturbing or disturbed lol. Especially the one at 3:15...Did I mention it is a lovely baby making song? (Well I wouldn't know but it sounds like one to me?)

There's one big concern that this Juice song poses though. Has it not stripped Ycee's debut EP- The First Wave- of all the attention?

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