5 Ways To Promote Your Music As An Indie Artiste

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1. Make Sure Your Music Is Consumable


Before you prep towards promoting your music, make sure it is consumable, meaning, your music should be good enough not some wack sh*t.

How do you know your music is good enough? Get feedback from respected people in the industry first. Build relationships with producers and ask them if they like a track. Once at least 60% of them think it’s worth sharing, take that as a go-ahead because producers will be more critical than your fans.

2. Be A Brand


In the process of promoting your music, you have to learn to be a brand cos’ it also gets beyond singing.

You should see that you’re not just a musician or a band member but that you are a product. This product has to be as appealing as possible, so you have to find a way to make your brand as unique and exciting as you can so that fans are excited about you and your music.

3. Have A Target Audience


The truth is no matter how good a singer or rapper you are, your music can never be appealing to everyone so you should have a target audience. Know your kind of music and the demographics of audiences that will appreciate such music.

Understanding all these this will help you reach out to the right fans, book the right venues, and sell your music the right way.

4. Sign Up With A Music Distribution Company


You have couple of songs out there, what are you waiting for??

Why not sell your music through the right channel, Sign up with a music distro like Freeme Digital and get your music distributed across multiple platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, MTN Music Plus, Tecno Boom Player e.t.c  Get Heard, Get Bought, Get Paid

5. Promote Your Music On Social Media


We are in 2017, this is the jet age you could probably do everything online. You could even get a wife online, right?

So why don’t you promote your music online?

Get on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites to share your music. Create a buzz around your new single, E.P or Album, you can also seek the help of social media influencers to generate traffic to have your songs streamed and bought.

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