5 Ways Merchandising Can Aid Artistry In The Entertainment Industry

A number of artists have been able to expand their reach in the music industry to include fashion, business and a number of other sectors in the social system. Candidly, there are a number of reasons why every artist should consider having a brand.

Here are 5 of them,

1. Publicity Reasons: In music promotion, it’s a wise strategy to create merchandise for the purpose of publicizing a song or an album. You only need to be creative with it. Coming up with something irregular but at the same time useful for fans or a target audience is one promotion strategy that has never failed to work. It’s a method of exposure to a work of art. Take Phyno’s Alobam shirts as an example, or Wizkid’s Starboy merch. You see a Starboy shirt and the next thing that comes to mind is wizkid.

2. Extra Cash: Who doesn’t want more money? Some entertainers have been able to earn more by owning a brand. It’s an extra source of income. Dbanj’s Koko brand for example has generated a lot of cash for him. With koko garri, koko waters, and his koko mansion reality TV show, he almost doesn’t have to sing anymore to get some money in his wallet.

3. Brand Promotion and Expansion: Well, this is different from publicity. Your brand is not your product, it is your name. To expand and establish it, merchandising is one thing to consider. You see a Jimmy Jatt snapback and remember, “Oh yes! That’s the DJ with the dope ass beats.” Mama Africa, AKA Yemi Alade, is known for her unique hybrid fashion sense. In light of this, she has launched her own fashion line, ‘House of Tangerine’, which is making waves in the African Fashion Industry. My point is merchandizing aids in expanding a brand identity.

4. Something To Retire To: Never put all your eggs in one basket. A lot of artists who have withdrawn from singing or music production have nothing solid to return to, no brand of their own. This is why merchandising is important. You don’t always have to sing or mix beats to make money, have a business on the side. What happens when you grow older or stop singing? Spread your eggs, if those in one basket breaks, well, you have another to compensate you.

5. Impact: Most importantly, the end result of anything is its impact. Being able to contribute and participate in the different aspects of people’s lives is key. Not just through music, but in other spheres of their life. People should remember an artist for their art, and art is not a rigid phenomenon.


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