5 Tips To Make Boring Nigerian Meals Look Sexy This Christmas

Most Foodies complain that Nigerian dishes don’t have a sexy look compared to other international cuisines. Sure, you could just serve your regular rice and beans with beef, or serve the popular Ifokore and chicken but the question here is that how can you make the regular looking akara or ‘gbegiri ati ewedu’ look like something off Food Network.

Well here are some very helpful tips that would come in handy if you’re into making random meals look like something ordered from a 5-star restaurant this yuletide!


Use a Plain White Plate or Backdrop

If you go to a culinary/catering school the first lesson you’d learn is to always dish your food in a plain white(sometimes black plate). When you use a plan white plate it makes the colour and contrast of the food stand out thus making it more appealing to the eyes. People would tend to choose a food neatly arranged in a plain white plate compared to a food dished in a multicoloured plate.

Turn The Food Into Art

Turn the plate into a plain canvass and express yourself using the food. Instead of roughly squirting the ketchup on the fries, you could neatly rub it by the side of the plate or make funny shaped. Instead of pouring the stew on the rice you could put it by the side of the rice and call it white organic rice with a side of beef stew(which is technically correct). Cut your food into different artistic shapes and place them neatly on the plate.

Change Your Plateware

It’s not every time you should use a plate to serve your meal.  A simple way to bring interest to your plating technique is to change the actual plate. Look beyond traditional vessels like plates and bowls and see what else you have available. For example, serving your jollof or fried rice in a pineapple slit in half would go a long way in making the jollof look classy.

Make It Colorful

Something as simple as adding green and red peppers to your noodle then garnishing it with onions can give it a rainbow effect and that simple act can turn a simple plate of noodles into something out of a cook book. Food should be created with passion, thought and technique, but plated with a light hand, with direction from nature. Colors should reflect the seasons, with contrasting light and dark shades that evoke emotion. In the end, keep it simple and let the ingredients be the stars.

Add Height To It

Sometimes adding height can make a plate look more interesting. By layering or stacking ingredients you can give the dish more depth.

Now that you know these few tips you can now take your food pictures and post them on Instagram.

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