5 Things You Should Never Do While Having S3x

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For all the awesomeness and pleasure that s3x provides, there can be some downsides and when in bed with your lover/partner, the last thing you want to do is turn them off. Having that in mind, let get into this article; Here are some mistakes you do not want to commit when you are in bed with your partner.

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Not Kissing: Kissing is one very intimate act and with the right person you can never go wrong. Most people do not kiss their partner when they are having sex.  Why? Maybe their partner is really not a great kisser and so it is avoided or they are too eager to climax and feel it might break the rhythm. Whatever it may be, you should make an effort in kissing your partner during intercourse because it adds to the experience and thrill. And for those that can’t kiss properly go and learn well!

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Staying Quiet: Please! Stop staying quiet during s3x. How will your partner know you are enjoying what he/she is doing? I’m not saying you should shout or get lousy but telling your partner if he/she is getting it right is important, speak up if you are enjoying it. Moaning or saying something like, “that feels so good”, “don’t stop what you doing” “Go a bit faster babe” will encourage and educate them further on your moan zones, and this means more pleasure for you.

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Climaxing too fast/ too late:  This is to the men, you need to learn how to control your pipe and muscles to ensure you ejaculate at the appropriate time. Ejaculating too fast may leave your partner unsatisfied; too late and you may make your partner feeling like they are doing a strenuous workout. To avoid this, spend more time on foreplay or oral sex as this will help women as well as men.

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Pressuring your partner to climax: I tried not to make this personal, but I’ve often felt pressured to fake orgasms or say I was close when I wasn’t because I knew my partner wanted it. How possible is it to make someone orgasm if they want to without making them feel pressured, noting that it takes longer for women to climax.

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Conducting sex like porn: Although some couples enjoy lascivious sex, you should talk to your partner first before engaging in such activities. If you start acting vulgar with your partner without knowing if they like it, chances they might find it offensive is high and trust me it won’t end on a happy note.

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