5 Sportsmen Who Retired At The Right Time In Their Careers

It’s every athlete’s dream to not only enjoy the sport they play, but also have a blissful and celebrated career while doing it. And when things sometimes don’t go as one hopes, many athletes make the decision to prolong their careers for a while longer, with the hopes of adding more to their success.

However, the athletes mentioned below did not only retire at the right time but are still cashing in big money as we speak.

Zinedine Zidane

The three-time Balon d’Or winner, who won every trophy at both club and country level retired at the ripe age of 34, which for a midfielder is still too early (just look at how Pirlo is still flourishing). After retiring, he became and is the current coach of Real Madrid. The club’s current run of success, tells you just how much of a maestro he is. He will be remembered for his goal in the UCL finals against Bayer Leverkusen, and also headbutting Marco Materazzi at the 2006 World Cup.

Michael Jordan

Undoubtedly one of the best basketballers to ever walk the face of the earth till he retired at age 30, Michael Jordan’s list of laurels and achievements are too many to count. From his famous Air Jordan move in the slam dunk contest to his numerous MVP awards, he is no doubt worthy of the praises he gets. Asides from his endorsement deals, Michael Jordan is also a part-owner of the Bobcats. Talk about a lifetime supply of money.

Kobe Bryant


The man who retired at 34, sits at the No. 3 spot on the all-time scorer’s list and also has 5 championships to his name. Even though he lost some of his endorsement deals due to the sex scandal, Kobe is still raking in lots of cash from others. I have a hunch that LA Lakers will come calling for him to fill a position with them soon, just like they did Magic Johnson.

Jay-Jay Okocha

He needs no introduction because everyone in the footballing world knows his name. Okocha, who retired at 34, was a mentor to Ronaldinho (another footballer that needs no introduction). An Olympic gold medalist and an AFCON winner, Okocha owns a nightclub and is also an ambassador for sports in Nigeria.

Floyd Mayweather

The legendary boxer retired at the ripe age of 34. Considering the fact that there are still many boxers with ages >40, this is a very young age to retire. To make his retirement all the more alluring, Mayweather retired an undefeated champion. He never lost a single match in the 49 matches he fought in. In terms of cash flow, endorsements, personal money, and a string of clubs and hangout spots mean Floyd will probably never go broke!

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