5 reasons why you should feel as fly as the month of July!!! (With Soundtracks)

  • First of all, It’s a new month ( We do not need any Bad Energy)

In addition to the fact that salaries have just been paid (or, in some cases, will soon be paid), there’s a certain high that just comes with a new month. June 2018 particularly broke our hearts as a nation and we certainly do not need that bad energy going forward.

One lesson that all these sad happenings have taught us, however, is to live life intentionally and there’s no better time to start than now.

  • Secondly, it is the second half of the year (Unleash your inner awesome)


I’d like for you to see today as a second chance to rejuvenate the high spirits with which you started the new year. Today is the beginning of the other half of the year, making it a great moment to evaluate the wins of the first half and go back to the drawing board for all the stuff that haven’t gone as planned. I can tell you for a fact that there’s no better feeling than the clarity of how far one has come and where one is headed.

Today marks the beginning of a new quarter. New tasks will be borne, partnerships will be sealed and projects will be executed. If you’ve been sleeping through the first and second quarters, well, hello, good morning.

Get to work or poverty and stagnancy will see you finish (also note to self???)


On a lighter and flirtier note, July is the peak of the rainy season in Nigeria and with rain comes a surge of sexual energy and the need for intimacy. It’s summer in some other parts of the world and it also means it is time to have lots of vacation fun. I’m not going to mask this with any literary words. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re in and what climate is predominant there. It is time to make love… Lots of it. Make babies if you must. This, of course, is for those who have come of age and can handle the outcomes of their choices. Sexual intimacy is a such an important part of life in general and it is time for us to step out of all cultural, religious and social inhibitions and explore this profound means of self-expression. Last night, the need for intimacy came calling but seeing as the one hasn’t said hi already, we’ll keep enduring lol.

  • Lastly, 7 is a symbol of perfection, Power and greatness (Big rich Town)


July is the 7th month of the year and & 7 symbolizes perfection and greatness so it is time to reach deep down within for the most wonderful versions of ourselves. In case this entire article doesn’t make any sense to you I ask that you forgive. This is my birth month and every first day of it, I get entrapped in a philosophical wave that makes me just want to squirt sentiments. This is just me saying happy new month in my Cancerian language. And for all Power lovers like me, (the TV Series that is,) the 5th season commences today?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️. Feels good looking forward to hearing Joe’s epic opening lines again…

“They say this is a big rich town…”

This is totally unrelated but Joe and 50 Cent have such a wonderful music making chemistry.

And oh, did you know 50cent was born in July? The 6th; my birthday to be precise. #Okbye

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