5 Positions To Try On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day
Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day, also called Saint Valentine’s day or Feast of Saint Valentine is a Christian annual celebration on the 14th of February. It was originally a celebration of one of the early saints named Valentine. It is usually celebrated every year, although, not a public holiday.

While a lot of people still observe the original purpose of this day which is to share love, others have turned this day into a romantic celebration.

Well, below are five romantic styles you should try out this Val’s day

  • Missionary

I don’t know what you are thinking but it is a Christian holiday, a day to show love and what best way to show love other than spreading the word of God itself. After all, God is love and he is the word. So, go out of your way and share the word of God.

  • Go on your knees and pray

Prayer is a spiritual thing, through it, you communicate with God. So, on Val’s day, you might want to have a special session with God. Go down on your knees and speak to him, tell him how much you love him and every other thing you have on your mind.

  • Stretch forth your hands and spread “Love”

It’s a day of love, so it is just the perfect day to spread “love”. It doesn’t have to be tangibles, it could be a hug, a date, a visit or whatever you want it to be. What matters most is that you show love in any way that you can, little or big.

  • Go out of your way and share gifts

Share gifts, not just to your significant other but also to friends, families, the needy, the helpless or even strangers. Put a smile on sad faces, make a difference in any way you can. It counts…

  • Exercise

Do some exercise because self-love also counts. Burn some calories, work towards getting that body you dream of, get in shape. As much as we want to make people happy on this day, we shouldn’t forget to show ourselves some love.

And with that said, I’ll urge you not to make this Val’s day about s3x, rather celebrate it for what it is. celebrate love, love to everyone around you.

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