5 Places You Can Find Love In Lagos

It’s quite hard to find love in Lagos with all the traffic, hustle and bustle. Everyone is struggling to make ends meet and it’s difficult to find that someone that you can just chill, relax, hangout, and maybe fall in love with. But if you love ‘love’ like me, do not give up. You can still find love despite the hustle of Lagos. To guide you in your quest, here are a few places you can find love in Lagos.
Events/parties: Lagosians love enjoyment and party, so no matter how the hustle is, people will troop out to have a good time. It could be an organized trade-fair, food-fair, comedy show or house party. It depends on the party though. There are parties and there are parties- if u know what I mean. Try and be at the right one which suits your personality. When you are in this gathering, be open minded, mingle and have interesting conversations with people of like minds. Make sure you dress up nice. For guys look like a gentleman. For the girls, be sure to look like a lady- don’t dress slutty or you will just attract the “bad guys” only. Girls, try and go to some of these events alone; most guys will never approach a woman who is out with her friends.
Church: I know the church symbolizes purity and holiness but “nobody holy pass”. God is love and the church is his house, so… why not the church? You can join a department in the church like; ushering, choir, welfare etc. Attend weekday activities. It’s unlikely that you would be able to approach anyone or have anyone approach you on Sundays. Try weekdays when everyone is relaxed.
Weddings: Weddings are magical with love as the theme, it is quite easy to find love there. Weddings are cool because you can easily make conversation like “oh…the bride looks so beautiful” and now a conversation can start. Also, u can get to dance with your crush at the reception and break the ice. Ladies, avoid too much makeup, men like to see how natural you can look. One more thing ‘ Biko’  ladies, try not to overshadow the bride with your dressing. I’m not saying you shouldn’t look fine as hell, but remember it’s not your wedding.
Online: You have to be careful with this one. Although some find love here-which is quite rare, as most things on the internet are not real. Some individuals have ended up in trouble and some even dead through online love or dating. Some evil persons use the internet as a medium to perpetuate their evil acts. Left to me, I don’t believe in internet love or meeting as it may be, I believe in the old-fashioned way of “boy toast girl”. You can see who you are talking with face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball. If you must go through the internet though, always meet up with the person in open spaces with lots of people- never be alone with an online prospect until you meet his friends, family, verify his office, etc. Truth is most people on social media are just looking for a hook-up and don’t take it seriously. Some people have found love there though.
Office: You have to be careful here, why? Because office romance can ruin careers if not handled with maturity and secrecy. I don’t advise trying this, but it works and it has worked for some people especially those who are introverted and don’t go out often.
If you want to try office romance, you can start by inviting your crush to hang with you outside the office. If he or she says no, do not stress it and don’t ask again because it could be viewed as harassment-especially when you’re ranked above the person as it can be seen as intimidation if reported. If he or she agrees to hang out, then you guys can take it from there. Who knows, maybe one day you will both get to announce to your surprised colleagues that you are getting married.
The downside is that the relationship could break badly and all your dirty linen will be aired for the whole office to see…and you still have to come to work every day after that! Note that office romance is usually viewed as unprofessional by most colleagues and outrightly banned in some organizations, so know your company’s policy on this, guard your reputation jealously and don’t lose your job unnecessarily over love play.
Love shouldn’t be rushed. Start with friendship. Understanding of your partner is important, as this lets you know what to expect from the person before you start a romance.
For me, my best out the above is events/parties because it’s relaxed, fun and natural, but any of these choices can work for you. You just might be lucky to find love in Lagos.
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