6 Nigerian Songs That Would Leave You Close To Tears

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, well, a song provokes a thousand emotions and while a lot of songs can make you feel elated and happy, some songs can leave you sad and close to tears.

Below are 6 Nigerian songs that would leave you in your feelings and might make you shed a tear or two.

1. Baby Girl – Nel Oliver

This throwback Benin Republic love song that has a sprinkle of Yoruba language would leave us all feeling lovey duvey and if you happen to be married and your wedding was emotional, you might shed a tear or two while listening to the song and watching the video.

2. Nigeria my beloved Country – Funmi Adams

I don’t know about you, but every single time I listen to this song I’m always teary-eyed. If you legit care about Nigeria and lived in times when Nigeria was far greater than it currently is, you might also shed a few tears for Nigeria while listening to this song.

3. Pray for Me – Darey

The anthem for all broke boys who are trying to make clean money, Dareys pray for me video might hit a few nerves and leave you feeling a bit down and emotional.

4. My Belle – MI

Another soft song that’ll hit a nerve and flash you back to the time you might have been extremely broke without food to eat. This is one of M.I’s classic tracks.

5. 2Face – Raindrops

More of a love song, the instrumentals in this song has a way of appealing to ones soft side which might leave you both in love and sad at the same time

6. Modenine Ft Nnenna – Cry

While i personally don’t see anything sad about this song, everyone else says this song is quite sad and would make one feel some type of way and due to peer pressure I decided to add this song to the list.

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