5 Nigerian Meals To Cancel For Dinner ??

Notice how most of the #TeamFitFam people stay away from Nigerian meals? For a minute, I thought they were forming butty but after doing my research I realised Nigerian food is high in fat content, oil, carbs and basically unnecessary calories. I’d advise you lay off these 5 meals at night even if you’re not on a diet.

It’s made of beans with a spicy sauce made with Palm oil and dried crushed chillies. Ewa agonyin is very tasty but a horrible option for late night eating.  Not only can it trigger heartburn as well as upset your stomach it can sabotage a day of good eating and keep you from going to sleep.

If you have had dinner by 7 pm and you are still awake by 12 am and you’re hungry, you may want to indulge in light finger food. The go to dish would be fried yam or plantain. While these may seem like light meals, they actually aren’t. They are greasy heavy foods that weigh on your stomach and take a while to digest properly, leaving you feeling tired and slow in the morning. Also, they do more harm to your sleep than good. You may have to deal with stomach pains, heartburn, cramps, abdominal bloating, and acid reflux resulting in poor sleep.


This would be easy to buy if you get back late and you know you would not have the energy to cook any meal. While bread would be satisfying when paired with tea, mayonnaise or butter late at night, it contains a lot of carbs and sugar that spike up your blood sugar levels causing your energy levels to spike and plummet thus disrupting your sleep. There’s also a chance that you’ll wake up starving a few hours later due to overproduction of insulin that the sugar triggers.


A food famous in the western region of Nigeria, Amala is a staple on the menu of Nigerian restaurants. While the soup is made with vegetable and spices, Amala is made with yam powder. They both form an appetising combination, however, it can be unfavourable to your stomach when consumed late at night. Although the meal digests very easily compared to other yam based meals, it is urine inducing and can bring lots of interruptions and discomfort to your sleep.


A favourite Nigerian meal usually served with yam as a side. Pepper soup would be the perfect meal for the times you are hungry at night as it is perceived as a light meal, but you may actually want to step away from it when you are craving something to eat late at night. The pepper soup contains certain spices and peppers that might upset your belly and chemicals that can stimulate your senses making it hard to fall asleep.

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