5 Exercises Guaranteed To Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat is often condemned for its way of tampering with any outfit. It’s worse than just being generally overweight; you’re looking at increased risks of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Have had moments where I’ve had to suck in my tummy just to pose for that perfect picture (there was babe involved). Point is that we have all had situation like this, God knows its really embarrassing, especially when standing near slimmer people.

So here are 5 exercises that will help on the road to getting rid of belly fat.


1. Crunches

It’s just like riding a bicycle.. I think. Do a minimum of 30 and make sure you pack a powerful set of lungs.



2. Planking

So that you don’t kill yourself by yourself, caution is advised, start from 10 seconds and work your way up from there.



3. Sit-ups

Do 80 of these a day and you’re guaranteed that those belly fat would vanish the way we wish Boko-Haram would vanish from Nigeria.



4. Push-ups

Start with 20 a day for beginners. Pace your work-outs and just remember to breath through each push.



5. Pull-ups

Strengthen your stomach walls  with 15 pull- ups a day for a start.

Losing belly fat doesn’t happen in one day, be focused, be motivated. Just keep pushing as the path to your desire is in your hands.

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